Jesus rules in righteousness

It’s been a while since I’ve journalled in my blog. I was inspired today to post my thoughts.

I read for no apparent reason Isaiah 32, which starts with ‘Look, a righteous King is coming…’

I’ve been troubled by the prevalence of bullying in our society, in my own life and realise it is human nature to get what we want and use any means to get it, especially if we think what we’re doing is right. It doesn’t matter who we are, if we want to go a certain way, we’ll do what it takes to get there, even if it hurts people unnecessarily.

I’ve also been more aware of how much people pose as being good and righteous, but in fact are deceitful and dishonest; welcome to my world! The worst is when organisations, politicians, your management to name but a few pay lip service to values and priorities, saying this is top priority and doing jack about it!

The scripture today has given me hope and reminded me that we have a righteous King who will shelter us from the storms of life, refresh us as a river in a desert and be a cooling shadow of a mighty rock within a hot and weary land.

Whatever I’m going through, King Jesus is in charge, he’s got it all under control, in righteousness he rules!



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