Light Party

We love Light Parties, and we work busily to plan them and make them happen.

You can expect a BerryBunch Light Party, every year on 31st October – from our home, to yours.

You can view from the comfort of your own home and whether you’re 8 or 80, we’ll have something for you to enjoy!

You can watch our 2020 Light Party right here:

We have Art Projects, Singing, Aerobics and other exciting elements you can get involved with.

Light Party at Amesbury Baptist Church
Light Party at Amesbury Baptist Church

Everything we do is always free to access, so get involved!

You could watch on Facebook, with your friends, or just enjoy getting stuck in with us online.

Light Party 2020
Light Party 2020

We’ll post details of what you’ll need – if you want to join in with the Art Times right along with us during our Live Broadcast.

We’ll put a list of materials online, well ahead of this memorable event!

Light Party, Andover
Light Party, Andover

Take a look through our blog posts, videos, pictures and other items we’ll be uploading over the coming weeks and months.


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