Little Blessings Online, Season 2, Episode 1

For this first Episode our brand new Season 2, Little Blessings Online, Andy and Jo team together to present our fun filled look at being kind, second chances and Jonah.

Art Time
Jo Jo uses a jam jar lid to show us how to make some amazing looking fish.

You’ll need:

  • jam jar lids
  • wool or string
  • paper or card
  • something to decorate your fish with (stickers, crayons, paint)
  • scissors
  • pencil or pen (to draw around your jam jar lid)
  • glue (white paste or glue stick) The BerryBunch
  • Optional background photo or picture

Story Time
Andy B retells what happened to Jonah, after he had ben swallowed by a large fish and spat out on a beach…using a football match and some cream teas to tell today’s story.

The link for the Skit Guys Bedtime Bible Stories and Jonah can be found on YouTube.

If you fancy watching Veggietales movie on Jonah, you can find out more from their website at

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