What is Little Blessings Online?

Little Blessings Online is our Baby & Toddler Group. We write our very own, home grown, stories to read; we have some songs you can sing along with and we have an Art Time, with some really easy to follow Art Projects you can do in our own home.

Little Blessings Online was born out of the first lockdown due to Covid, in 2020, but we quickly realised this is something that would be needed far beyond the interesting year – 2020.

Check out our Promotional Video for Little Blessings Online – that tells you all about Little Blessings Online and what you can expect!

As parents, we know it is sometimes not possible to get along to a Parent and Toddler Group each week. And now, with our online Baby and Toddler Group, you can enjoy some great activities from the comfort of your own home when you can’t get along to your usual group, or if you just want something extra!

We Broadcast each Episode at 10:30am on Mondays, but we also upload the video to YouTube and Instagram TV, so you’ll always be able to get involved, whenever is most convenient for you – in your own home and in your own time.

Little Blessings Advert, V4c season 4
Little Blessings Advert, V4c season 4

Each Episode is written and recorded by Andy and Jo Berry.

  • Story Time, with Andy B
    Story Time, with Andy B

Watch Little Blessings Online Episodes

Season 1 Episode 1

Little Blessings Online, Season 1, Episode 1
Little Blessings Online, Season 1, Episode 1
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