S05E005, Daniel and those Lions, Little Blessings Online

Avatar The BerryBunch | 11/10/2021

In Season 5, Episode 5, of Little Blessings Online, JoJo and Andy B talk about cats - big ones, small ones, stripey ones and even spotty ones – cats, cats, cats – just don’t tell Dave the Dog!

Story Time with Dave the Dog

In this episode, JoJo tells us about Daniel’s Den experience when he visits the lions inside, up close, and personal. Daniel is brave and courageous, but he had not planned to see the lions like this that day or any day – he was thrown in the lion’s den – can you believe it for praying – that can’t be right, can it?

What is Dave the Dog’s thoughts on lions and Daniel the courageous?

What will Dave the Dog make of how all this got started? Intrigue, deception, trickery, suspense, danger, it’s all found in Daniel and those lions!

Will Daniel come out of this alive? Will there be a happy ending for all? And what will Dave the Dog have to say about all this business!

Art Time

For art time, JoJo encourages us to paint a ready-made picture of Daniel and his lions using whatever colours we like.

Follow this link and print the picture for yourself!

You could even draw your own lions and paint them.

Painting is therapeutic for all ages, so go for it – Go Paint!

Daniel and the lions Painting

All you need is:

  • Paper – printed picture of lions or draw your own
  • Coloured paints – any colour
  • Paints brushes

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