Little Blessings Online, Season 2, Episode 3, Be Generous

In Episode 2 of our 2nd Season, Little Blessings Online, Andy and Jo team together and look at bread and a boy who shares his lunch from his lunchbox.

Art Time
Jo and Peter show us how to make flatbread – so easy and with only two ingredients:

  • Greek style yoghurt – 220g (extra in case!)
  • Self-raising flour – 125g (extra for rolling)

Equipment needed:
-Mixing bowl
-Scales ( for measuring ingredients)
-Spoon – wooden or metal
-spatula or spoon
-rolling pin
-Frying pan ( on a cooker) or griddle

Story Time
Andy B shares the story of a boy and his lunchbox. This boy hangs out for the day with a big crowd of people and the boy and all these people get hungry.

It’s ok though because the boy shares his lunch and Jesus feeds more than 5,000 people with it!

Web Links
Flatbread recipes
The one you can see (and if you have Greek yoghurt):

If you’ve got natural yoghurt –

Skit Guys Bedtime Bible Stories –

A boy has nothing to eat for his lunch –

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