Little Blessings Online, Season 5 Episode 2, Daniel, vegetables rock!

In Season 5, Episode 2, of Little Blessings Online, JoJo and Andy B talk about vegetables, join them in seeing how many vegetables you can name in 10 seconds and ……go!

They say, ‘You are what you eat’ and vegetables are, of course, good for you, so JoJo and Andy B do their bit to encourage us all to eat our vegetables – even broccoli!

Story Time with Dave the Dog

In our second episode of the season, we move form angels to vegetables, but we stay with Daniel who totally promotes the eating of vegetables and water – What a good guy!

What will Dave the Dog think about a diet of vegetables and water?

Will Dave be able to join JoJo and Any B in promoting vegetables?

Will Dave the Dog be impressed will Daniel and his diet of only vegetables and water?

Check out this week’s Story Time to find out Dave’s take on it all!

Art Time

For art time, JoJo shows us how to make vegetables out of toilet rolls this time! – Not just one vegetable, not just one sort of vegetable, but a whole range – carrots, broccoli, corn on the cob and leeks – a basketful of goodness!

Toilet Roll Vegetables

This is the material you will need:

  • Toilet roll or cardboard tube
  • Coloured paper (or white paper and/or coloured paints/ pens/ crayons/ pencils)
  • Foam or card – (For leaves/storks)

Equipment needed:

  • Felt tip pen – brown or black (for corn on the cob)
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors

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