Little Blessings Online, Season 5, Episode 3, Daniel and a Dream

In Season 5, Episode 3, of Little Blessings Online, JoJo and Andy B talk about dreams, good dreams, not so good dreams and strange dreams and JoJo has to call Andy B back to earth as he daydreams about food!

What do you daydream about?

When Andy B does return from his dreamland, he has some interesting stuff to tell us about dreams, so top tip be careful what you do before bed, you might dream about it!

Story Time with Dave the Dog

In this episode, JoJo tells us more about Daniel. This time Daniel needs to figure out what the King dreamed and what that dream meant, or he will be in big trouble; like Dave says poor Daniel will have a serious ‘Time out’!

What is Dave the Dog’s thoughts on dreams and what do you think Dave dreams about?

What will Dave the Dog make of the King’s strange dream and are Dave’s dreams stranger then the King’s?

Check out this week’s Story Time to find out Dave’s take on it all!

Art Time

For art time, JoJo encourages us to make a dreamy drawing. It’s quick and simple art time this week, so you might want to play the clip again as it was so quick and just to make sure you were not dreaming!

Dreamy Drawing

All you need is:

  • Paper
  • Coloured paints, pens, crayons, or pencils

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