Little Blessings Online, Series 2, Episode 5, Let Us Try

In Season 2, Episode 5, of Little Blessings Online, Andy and Jo up team together and look at Miracles.

Art Time
Andy B provides the craft this week, ably helped by the youngest BerryBunch member – Peter.

In this episode, we make a handheld, toddler friendly, Windmill (or fan). Just blow and it will spin! Here is what you will need:
– Craft foam or card
– Pipe cleaner
– Stapler/ glue dots or glue
– Hole punch
– Scissors
– Paper straws ( or paper & make your own!)

Story Time
Andy B, Jo Jo and Peter retell a really cool miracle – taken straight out of the bible – how would you react if you saw your best mater walking on water, without any safety aids!

In this dramatised Story Time, Jesus walks on water, and so does Peter. We’re not sure it needed all that much more drama adding, but this certainly helps us see one way of reacting.

The BerryBunch

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