S04E005, To The Rescue! Little Blessings Online

Avatar The BerryBunch | 21/06/2021

In Season 4, Episode 5, of Little Blessings Online, Jo Jo and Andy B look at all things to do with being rescued with helicopters, paramedics, and much more!

We've Story Time, and Art Time, and even Song Time so there is loads you can get involved in for this episode of Little Blessings Online - To the Rescue!

For story time Dave the dog helps Jo Jo tell the story of an amazing rescue with an amazing man called Moses. It's amazing!

And for Art Time we go water crazy with a beautiful, perfectly simple, water drop collage picture.

Art Time

For Art time, Jo shows us create a water drop collage.

You can draw the outline for a water drop yourself, or download one from the BerryBunch website where Jo Jo provides a template for you to make this even easier.

Water Drop Collage

  • Water Drop outline template (from BerryBunch – or make your own)
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick or similar
  • some coloured bits of paper or card to make the water drop come to life
  • pencils/ crayons/ paints or felt tip pens – optional

You can download a copy of the water Droplet Image Jo uses at https://tinyurl.com/zdtjfm3p.

Story Time with Dave the Dog

For story time today Jo Jo tells a story of Moses and helps us understand where the Moses basket comes from.

Moses is an amazing character from the Bible who rescues many, many people. But his own journey begins with a rescue for himself by a Princess from a palace. There were no frogs involved in this story.

But Moses was trained in all sorts of amazing way ways which helped him help people rescue people. Moses to the rescue!

Dave the Dog joins Jo Jo to help this story and gets especially excited about his own basket – a dog basket - and going to sleep.

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