S04E006, The Burning Bush, Little Blessings Online

Avatar The BerryBunch | 21/06/2021

In Season 4, Episode 6, of Little Blessings Online, Jo Jo and Andy B look at all things to do with respect, and how we can respect the different people in our lives.

They introduce another new song, which Andy B has tweaked and breathed some new life into!

With Story Time, Art Time, and even Song Time, there is loads for you to do, make and sing along to.

For story time Dave the dog helps Jo Jo tell the story of a bush that is burning,  that isn’t, and which is talking, but isn’t – Dave the Dog gets, understandably, confused by the whole thing!

And for Art Time we go back in time and look at an Art Time Project we’ve used once before.

Art Time

We have found a way to create our own Burning Bush – well we have paper flames and a light that makes it look like it! Join Jo in drawing a simple bush – a brown truck and a big green- well bushy bush!

Burning Bush

  • glass, plastic or paper cup or a toilet roll
  • paper tissue or paper
  • red, yellow and orange
  • glue
  • coloured pens
  • scissors


  • small light, tea light or small torch (battery operated)

Story Time with Dave the Dog

For story time today Jo Jo tells another amazing story from the life of Moses, and this time we learn about his encounter with a burning bush, and the mission God wanted him to do.

Dave the Dog chips in, again, with some helpful advice and observations.

Guess what he says to people when they ask him to fetch a stick!

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