Marriage Matters – Coming Up, 23.07.2022, What’s The Big Deal?

Avatar The BerryBunch | 21/07/2022

What's coming up in our next Marriage Matters Podcast?

Andy B and Jo are back for more Marriage Matters. They said they would be back and here they are - back with more matters about marriage that matter because marriage matters, as Andy B so succinctly manages to say each week (or not)!

As usual Andy and Jo share their thoughts and personal experiences as they consider why Marriage is the way to go and seek to dispel the myths about marriage that make you think of marriage in a negative way. Andy B and Jo do their best to extol the virtues of marriage which wasn’t as difficult as it sounds as the research seems to back them up!

Andy and Jo



Andy 0:14

Jo 0:15

Andy 0:16
We are back.

Jo 0:17

Andy 0:17
For more Marriage Matters fun.

Jo 0:19

Andy 0:20
And, now, we've got funky jingles.

Jo 0:23
Season 2, isn't it?

Andy 0:25
Season 2 of Marriage Matters.

Jo 0:27

Andy 0:27
And we're back!

Jo 0:28
My name's Jo and

Andy 0:30
My name's not.

Jo 0:31
You are, not.

Andy 0:32
My name's Andy. So welcome back to Marriage Matters where we discuss matters of the marriage that matter, because matters of the marriage matter because Marriage Matters.

Jo 0:41
Absolutely. Very succinct!

Andy 0:43
Well, no.

Jo 0:45

Andy 0:46

Jo 0:46
Not really.

Andy 0:46
I appreciate your kind comments. So, welcome back. Anyway. So, if you want to keep up to date with all that we're doing with the BerryBunch, which is quite a lot, actually, then you can sign up...

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