Marriage Matters Taster, It’s A Family Affair, S01E012

In our next episode of Marriage Matters Andy and Jo will be looking at the issues of affairs, pornography and whether we should be trying to affair proof our marriages.

Saturday 2nd April 2022, from 4pm – check it out! On the website and all our socials.

Andy and Jo

For a transcript, see below.


Marriage Matters, It’s a family affair. It’s our next episode coming up in a few days time. Saturday from 4 o’clock. Now, if you look behind me, you can see not a great deal actually. Because the mist is very heavy. And sometimes in marriage, we cover over things, and that can be a good thing. And it can be not a good thing. What else are we looking at Jo?

Well, we’re looking at things that shouldn’t be covered, and should be. Let’s look at our own lives, maybe modesty, maybe looking at the issues of pornography, and how we might prevent an affair.

And whether we should even try to prevent an affair, and how that might look.

So Marriage Matters. It’s a family Affair. Saturday from 4. Check it out.

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