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Avatar Andy B | 07/11/2022

Let's Go!

Meet my very good friend Olamide Dawson, or Olli D to his friends. Ok, I call him that - I don't think anybody else does...

Anyway, Olli is a Missionary Pastor working in Nigeria, and my good friend. He loves Jesus and has much wisdom on how we should prioritise ministry life.

This short video is especially good fro anybody who is in full-time ministry. But, if you're not, it's just as appropriate for you too, because it will help you better support those who are.

Enjoy the delightful, and ever effervescent, and dulcet tones, of Olli D.

Andy B

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[00:00:00] Andy B: I found a really, really good video, which I wanted to share with you. It's my good friend Ollie on or LA Day Dawson. He's a missionary pastor who lives and works and serves in the country of Nigeria. He's an amazing guy and he's a really, really good friend of mine. We chat often and I watched this video I'm about to show you.

[00:00:23] He sent it to me so I can use it again. So it's used with permission. But it's used from me with joy because this is really good!

[00:00:30] If you are in Ministry, we, we all minister in different ways, okay, this probably isn't quite so much for you. But you should watch this to encourage those that are. If you are in Ministry, not just the ministry, but if your life, if you are approach to everything you do is based around ministry, which is a way of life, not just a part of service, then this is definitely a video that I would encourage you to watch.

[00:00:57] Olli, is a great guy, a [00:01:00] really faithful, wise man, and I love interactions with him and conversations. I would love to meet him one day in person. But with you, that was a great friendship because we've got wisdom that we share with one another. And I'm excited to share some of his wisdom with you.

[00:01:15] Now in this, he's talking about how you prioritise Ministry. So if you are an evangelist, if you are in church ministry, if, if a full-time way of life ministering to whether is what you're doing, then you, you need to pay attention to this. Because he talks about how you prioritize the Ministry that you're doing. So check this out.

[00:01:36] Olamide Dawson: Hello. Good morning, Its' Olamide. I would like to share something with you that's really very, very touching and very personal.

[00:01:43] I have had the privilege, for many years to be involved in training missionaries and evangelists and we're training them in, you know, effective missions village outreach, [00:02:00] et cetera.

[00:02:01] But recently I find that my heart keeps on going to their priorities, you know. And I've been speaking to them very seriously about their families. And if the Lord has called you to celibacy , then you can focus on ministry. You can be the primary principle thing. But if you don't have the core to celibacy and you, you, you chose to get married, then your priority, the principle thing, the primary thing, is your family, your wife and your kids. Not the ministry. Is that okay.

[00:02:35] Let me repeat that again. If you're married, that means you're not called to celibacy, which means that your primary focus is not ministry, but is your family. Is that okay? Now, seeing that you've chosen to marry, you must be responsible, okay? In that your wife is first. Is that okay?

[00:02:55] Now, some have complained that, you know, my wife doesn't support my ministry. My wife is not encouraging. [00:03:00] The reason she's not doing that is because of the way you've been carrying on before now, okay. You've turned the ministry to be a rival to your marriage. You call it the ministry, I say ministry is now your second wife Do you understand? So why shouldn't she get upset? Okay.

[00:03:19] Same with some of our sisters who are ministry also. You know, you can't even have a normal conversation with your husband. Everything is about ministry and prayer, and your husband just sees you as you know, ministry has become your boyfriend. But you're being unfaithful in your marriage. So let, let's just continue from here.

[00:03:38] So the primary thing is what? If you're married, it's your wife, it's your kids, before the ministry. And you know, you know what you have not been called to celibacy. I'm repeating that. You haven't! So there are things that wife and family do for you in protecting you in the ministry, in the work. All right?

[00:03:58] Now many who have [00:04:00] fallen didn't get their priorities right. Of course, that's why they fell. Correct. You know you're putting the cart before the horse. No, no, no, no, no. Family first. If you get it right on that level, right, then you have an advantage, right? In the work. You will have longevity in the work! Right. You will, you will have that that defense, covering the, the help and support that family gives so well, that no one else can give, Right? On an emotional level, on a physical level. Is that okay?

[00:04:35] Now think about it. Family first. It always has to be family. The Bible says, so in first Timothy chapter 3 if you can't manage your family, then you shouldn't be leading your church.

[00:04:49] Why? Because it says a lot about you, dear man and woman of God. If it can't be family first, then, then I [00:05:00] don't think you're really fit to be a minister of the gospel. Okay? We're not looking for shooting stars here O. You understand that burnout, we're looking for people who be in, stable and consistent, giving example, giving, you know, a massive Christian witness and testimony right through their families. Is that okay. alright?

[00:05:25] So, So I know you know, this ambition thing, it's not for us ministers. I want to have the, I wanna be effective in ministry. I want to do that. Let it start with your family first. Because no matter how large the church is, no matter how influential in quotes, you claim to become, becoming, if you've neglected your family that's just, you are just spelling something out, called failure. Failure, failure. That's, that's what I want to say, Failure. Failure. Okay. That's better. Okay? You are getting this.

[00:05:57] So family first. It's primary. Okay. [00:06:00] We'll talk about this again in Part two. Part one, okay. You're responsible to put your wife first, your husband first, your family first before the ministry.

[00:06:12] Oh, Such a loving pastor. He loves his people. He loves the congregation, but he neglects his family.

[00:06:17] You're irresponsible. You're a failure. Failure! And it should stop, you know? See, I've been there. I neglected my family and focused on the ministry. and I tell you the ministry grew my doing things, you know. And my wife would do wahala. That's trouble in pigeon English, Nigerian pigeon English. One wahala came. When trouble came under. Yeah. Whoa. Thank God When repentance you know. I was able repent and retrace my, you know, my steps and put my wife where she should be.

[00:06:50] She's priority. She's what's most important. She's foremost, she's preeminent. She's most excellent. She's what's it about, she's my focus. And when I have that focus right. [00:07:00] It, it gives me advantage. It helps me to have proper perspective. Amen.

[00:07:05] Alright. So let's talk about this again later. Blessings!

[00:07:08] Andy B: There you go. There's the powerful words of Olli d, my good friend. So prioritising ministry.

[00:07:14] If you are called to celibacy, then you can make your Ministry your absolute, first priority. But if God's called you to marriage, which is the only other condition we can be in, Either we're celibate or we're in a marriage. If God's called you to marriage, then your marriage actually is gonna be part of your ministry, and such a powerful thing.

[00:07:38] As Olli was saying, it provides for you in certain ways that somebody who's celibate won't have. They can give all their time to it. But if you are married, and you bring your family with you, your wife, with you, , if you bring your husband into your evangelistic work, whatever arrangement you have, that marriage is powerful for the gospel.[00:08:00]

[00:08:01] But your ministry cannot come first if you are married, because if that is the case, your very most important ministry is always gonna be your marriage.

[00:08:13] So I hope you enjoyed that video by Olli. I found it powerful! If you've got people who you know who are in ministry, share this and encourage them, and pray for those for whom ministry is a way of life.

[00:08:27] We are all called to minister in some way or other. It might be through our day job, but there are others of us who give our lives to service with God through ministry. And if that is applying to you, as it does for me. Then actually our marriages that's more important.

[00:08:44] Ministry has to come second.

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  1. Alan Kearns

    08/11/2022 at 00:13

    I remember listening to this on Instagram, it is an excellent bit of counsel to all believers in a ministry. Olli is a wise brother.

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