Our First Testimony Tuesday post – My Story in 100 Words, by Jo

I’ve written, edited, and scheduled our first #TestimonyTuesday post.

This is an exciting new, and regular, output for us, and we have Nicola to thank for her own post which she titled #TestimonyTuesday. Go read the post for yourself, and you’ll see why we wanted to imitate her idea, as she indeed encouraged us to do. Go check out the rest of her blog too – EagleSight.

There’s enough dark and depressing stuff around in the world. So, let’s lift a load off someone’s shoulders and share something of what God has been doing in our lives.

Let’s lift the veil of sadness, and see the sun in all it’s glory, and the Son in all His Glory!

I emailed a new friend over in Italy, with this exact purpose in mind. He had been encouraged by some of our moving house stories over the past month – and God’s faithfulness. So, I emailed a more detailed version of what has happened over the last 5 years, or so, of our faith journey.

As I read it back to myself – before hitting send – it was blowing my own mind to read, in black and white, what God had done, literally just a few weeks earlier!!!

How easy it can be to so quickly forget what God has been miraculously, and supernaturally, doing as mundane things come along and distract us from the awesome love of Jesus Christ for us!

The photo, below, is us – in our new home – on moving day (before we unloaded the vans, which is why we’re so energised).

Less than one week earlier, we did not have the means to follow through and pay for everything we needed to. But, God, as ever, stepped in – in His timing – and a random gift came in that finally enabled everything to continue, after a couple of other random gifts that we’d also just received.

I use the word random loosely, as each gift came with a similar theme and message – people had felt urged by the power of the Holy Spirit to send some funds to us.

It may have appeared random, but it was anything but – with the planning for one of those gifts beginning more than a month earlier!

The willingness of the gift givers was overwhelming enough. But the three amounts of money, combined, was just enough.

God is good and always faithful – where God guides, He provides!

Jesus is alive. Let’s not forget to tell people.

And while we’re on that subject, why not check out another good friend – Andy Brown – and his series on the Great Commission, over on his blog. He’s been running a series on the Great Commission since Monday, which is utterly superb and is a must read. Today was episode 5, and was brilliant!

Andy B

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  1. So encouraging! Thank you for sharing your story. Praise God for all he has done to make your move possible.

    1. You’re very welcome.

      Such unbelievable goodness from God on my family and I.

      I’m still finding things which blow me away with His detail!!

      Andy B

  2. It really is gobsmacking….seeing three unconnected folk sending gifts which together fulfill God’s purpose for the Berry family. Stories like this leave me flabbergasted at sceptics who say there is no God. All honour to Him!

    1. Amen! God is truly wonderful! And while it is great to see him working in our own lives, it is just as awesome to see him doing it in other peoples too.

      1. 🙏 Amen!

      2. This is why I love Nicola’s idea for #TestimonyTuesday and am SO on board with it.

        It’s reignited my passion to share the good news, stoked by your series on the Great Comission!!

        Andy B

    2. When you say unconnected, you’re very right.

      The detail involved in three gifts, the timing, the reasons…it’s beyond words of this frail human being and my stumbling vocabulary!

      All honour to Him – yes, amen!

      Andy B

  3. I can sense the energy Andy in your posts. Praise God for His faithfulness and it’s wonderful to share the good news in this way. Looking forward to #TestimonyTuesday. What an awesome God we serve. I’m looking forward to reading more. 😀

    1. Yep. Excited about this!

      Andy B

  4. It’s wonderful how God both provides and guides. This has happened in my own life too. Blessings!

    1. God is so very good to us.

      If you’re willing to share any of the testimonies of God’s provision, we’d love to share them via our website.

      Andy B

      1. Invitation accepted, Andy! God provided in an amazing way recently. I’d be honored to share the story exclusively on your site. I assume you have a BerryBunch email address? I can type it up and you can do with it as you wish. Blessings!

  5. A wonderful testimony, Andy. As I reflected on God’s provision for your family I was reminded of a song I learned as a child in Sunday School- “God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, God is so good, He’s so good to me. God answers prayer x3 He’s so good to me. He cares for me x3 He’s so good to me. I praise His name x3 He’s so good to me.” In sharing your testimony of the Lord’s goodness, you most certainly gave praise and glory to His name.

    1. I love that song. Never grows old!!

      God is so good

      If you want to share a testimony of something God has done for you we’d love to share it!

      (It many something’s 🙂)

      Andy B

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