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The Berry Family are led by Andy B…

…who has has spent over 35 years involved with ministry in church, from Sunday morning children’s provision, setting up an 18+ group, establishing worship groups, leading worship to children and adults, leading teams and complex all-age services (his favourite thing IN THE WORLD after Jesus and his family), preaching, teaching, working in youth groups (whether they’re used to churches or not), and pretty much everything else between including leading a huge team to a packed church of nearly 800 people for his first ever Christingle; something of a baptism of fire!

He’s driven big trucks and little trucks, pulled abnormal loads under police escort, delivered frozen food and road foundations (although, oddly, never at the same time!) and he’s been a stay-at-home dad to their three children since their first son was born. He’s been known as either “Nappy Man” (selling cloth nappies) or “Breastfeeding man” (while working with midwives and new parents-to-be about breastfeeding and expressing) and, with his wife Jo, home educate their 3 children.

With his wife, Jo, they once prayed for God to teach their family faith…which led to them selling their home and setting up a business selling Environmentally Friendly Products from one of two shops established in Shrewsbury City Centre, Shropshire – before a recession hit, killing off their thriving business. But – not before they were used by God as the final hurdle, that brought down the successful planning application for a lap dancing club set to open, and then their faith journey really began! Their 2nd shop opened up where the lap dancing club should have been, in a final, heavenly, flair of ‘Look what I can do!’ from God.

Currently in their 5th home-of-faith in a row (which they could neither afford, nor influence their living in) Andy and Jo, and their three children, currently serve Jesus through the website where they provide free to use resources for any that wish to stream, share, use or download for their family or church – through BerryBunch TV. As ever, Andy and Jo don’t charge for what they do, and let donations cover costs they can’t meet themselves.

“We’re blessed to be a family who all love Jesus and we want to inspire and encourage other families to do the same. Our shared delight and passion is to see children introduced to their own relationship with Jesus, so they can take the gospel where adults can’t!” Andy B

Jo Jo is an amazingly gifted storyteller, who is simply brilliant engaging with every single person she meets.

Raised in a home that didn’t have Jesus, Jo Jo actually chose to allow Jesus to be her Saviour when she was at University, and in France. She was baptised in a lake near Lyon and her testimony is simply AMAZING.

She is the passion and glue that holds all things BerryBunch together, always believing in Andy and the boys and encouraging them to get ever closer to Jesus in their individual walks with Him.

She has been to some amazing places in her lifetime, from Walsall to Devon, and Spain to the USA and Tonga. But her favourite place is always wherever her family is!

Andy may well lead the BerryBunch family, but Jo makes it all possible!

We love writing and recording material to help & inspire others to their own creative best for God’s kingdom, and to serve others. So why the BerryBunch?

Well Andy B got used to Berry jokes when he was growing up. So one day, as a family, we came up with the Berry we thought best represented each of us.


“A Cranberry”
(small and cute)

Creative Consultant


“A Raspberry”
(funny, cute, blows raspberries)

Graphic and Technical consultant


“A Strawberry”
(Loves them and liked by all)

Endurance Developer/Filming Director


Andy B
“A Gooseberry”
(furry when he hasn’t shaved)

Operations Manager
& Production Lead


Jo Jo
“A Bearberry”
(Cuddly and strong)
Also know as
The Elderberry

HR Consultant / Production and Creativity Lead / Special Advisor

Andy, Jo and the BerryBunch

Magdi – Our daughter, waiting in heaven and still impacting our lives every day

Magdi's Lego Tower
Magdi’s Lego Tower

We couldn’t miss Magdi off our family bio. She lived for just 11 weeks, but became a source of hope. Her life brought some much needed perspective. The image is one we made to remember her.

The BerryBunch

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