The Team

We love writing and recording material to help & inspire others to their own creative best for God’s kingdom, and to serve others. So why the BerryBunch?

Well Andy B got used to Berry jokes when he was growing up. So one day, as a family, we came up with the Berry we thought best represented each of us.

This is what we came up with!


“A Cranberry”
(small and cute)

Creative Consultant


“A Raspberry”
(funny, cute, blows raspberries)

Graphic and Technical consultant


“A Strawberry”
(Loves them and liked by all)

Endurance Developer/Filming Director


Andy B
“A Gooseberry”
(furry when he hasn’t shaved)

Operations Manager
& Production Lead


Jo Jo
“A Bearberry”
(Cuddly and strong)
Also know as
The Elderberry

HR Consultant / Production and Creativity Lead / Special Advisor

Andy, Jo and the BerryBunch

Magdi – Our daughter, waiting in heaven and still impacting our lives every day

Magdi's Lego Tower
Magdi’s Lego Tower

We couldn’t miss Magdi off our family bio. She lived for just 11 weeks, but became a source of hope. Her life brought some much needed perspective. The image is one we made to remember her.

The BerryBunch

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