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Andy B and Jo Jo Berry
Andy B and Jo Jo

We love using our creative best to write material and record it and we intend to continue doing all this for free, to help build God’s kingdom with the skills we have.

We love supporting local churches, and Christian Families – so if you see a video you want to use, please feel free to do so. You don’t have to ask permission from us, although it is always encouraging when we find out that people have been able to use something we’ve written.

If you have any issues using the videos, we’ll try and help where we can.

Everything we do is designed to provide resources for you to use and we have really simple rules on using our material:

We’re happy for you to use our videos in your online services. Go for it if it’ll help build God’s kingdom!

Please use the videos in the format they have been uploaded (ie please don’t cut out our name or add your own logo to our videos). We seek to ensure our videos are a minimum of 720dpi, and are set for a standard, widescreen format – so they should be suitable for whatever purposes you’re likely to use them for.

Please do give us credit for the resources you use – either in spoken form to your audience/congregation or in written form to your online users etc.

We upload scripts for some of our material and make these available for you to download and use; you can download these multiple times, or simply make copies of them. However, please do ensure you credit us with writing them (they are original pieces of art work and we retain the copyright on these original pieces of art).

If you want to use our works as inspiration, that’s fantastic! If you can let us know what you’ve gone on to do, we’d appreciate it.

If something isn’t our work, we’ll make it very clear – please could you do the same.

We don’t give you permission for any of our resources to be gathered as a collection for the purpose of making money.

We don’t give you permission to make money from any of our resources.

Please don’t make any money from our work, whether directly or indirectly (we don’t set out to make any money from them, and we don’t give permission for you to do so) ie don’t charge people to view or enjoy our material – we want them to remain free for everybody to enjoy.

Andy and Jo and the BerryBunch team

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