What We Believe

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We love Jesus and the BerryBunch.family is everything to do with us using the gifts, skills and talents we have, for God.

From Stories, to Art Time, from All Age Services and Christingles to Skits and Dramas.

Fire up your faith, with the BerryBunch: for free, for all!

We create, and provide, free resources and videos you can download, share and stream in your home, car or church.

Creating digital material – to encourage and inspire families, all around the world, in their Christian faith; supporting, equipping and resourcing the Church in it’s Global mission: for free, for all.

Like it, share it, download it, use it
You can connect with us through our website, on Facebook, on Instagram, on DingDash, on YouTube and your favourite Podcast providers.

Crowd, worshippers, Jesus!

We love resourcing God’s church, and that is what BerryBunch.family is all about. It’s best summed up in our Vision.

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So, here’s what We Believe about what and who God is, to us as a family.

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