Parable of the fallen Daffodil

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As I was running in Bradmore Park this morning (Mother’s Day treat!), I was enjoying listening to the birds singing and loving the beautiful white and pink blossom and the bright yellow daffodils in full bloom. I noticed there were daffodils that had fallen and were lying in the grass and I remembered how at a number of Mothering Day Church services that the women were given a single daffodil to make them feel special.


I thought it might be nice to collect a few of these daffodils and place them in a vase at home. It made sense to pick these poor flowers up and let them be displayed instead of just trampled into the ground and as they had already fallen;I was not doing anything wrong. However, I realised that if I picked them up and collected a bunch of daffodils in my hand that this may not look so innocent, that it might look like I had picked the flowers myself, especially if the daffodils were still in good shape. Then I thought I could do it more secretly -perhaps hide the daffodils up my sweater. Now that’s really going to make me look guilty!

I realised that although we may be doing nothing wrong and in fact our actions could be considered good, like me picking up the fallen daffodils; we need to consider how our actions look to others. I guess this is about getting our witness right. There are a number of scripture verses about not causing our brother to stumble, meaning that we need to consider how we affect new Christians and those weaker in the faith. I’m struggling to find a ‘spot on’ scripture verse to back up my Daffodil parable, but in Matthew 18:6 Jesus warns us not to cause children to stumble:

‘But if any of you causes one of these little ones who trusts in me to lose his faith, it would be better for you to have a rock tied to your neck and be thrown into the sea.’

As its Mothering Sunday, it does seem apt to focus on a verse about our responsibility to our children.

Heavenly father, please help me be a good example to my children and not cause them to stumble in their faith or do anything which might lead them to do the wrong thing.


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