Peter’s Bible Study – Friday 8th February 2019 Genesis 41 & Mark 11 Dreams & Prayer

Peter led this bible study for the family on Friday 8th February 2019:

Opening Prayer


Listen to Bible Reading:  Genesis 41



God gives us dreams and sometimes we won’t be able to understand them, but God will send someone to help.

Example: Paul in Damascus –

Read: Acts 9: 3-19 (Jo)



What do you think about dreams?

What dreams and visions have you had?


Bible Reading: Mark 11


Thoughts from Peter:

Jesus can never fall into a trap, because Jesus knows everything.

Prayer is a powerful weapon.



Jesus talked a lot about prayer, what do you think about prayer?




End in Prayer


Listen to Holy Spirit Prayer Time

This was uploaded by Jo on Friday 8th  February 2019

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