Prayer 2:62, What’s your mountain?

We have a regular, weekday, Live Broadcast Prayer time – at 7pm UK (3pm EDT) on our Facebook page.

We take 10 minutes to pray for things in the world, and work through prayer requests we’ve been sent: we’ve been honoured to pray for people all over the world.

6 minutes praying to God and 2 minutes saying thankyou to God. 10 minutes, tops!

So, if Prayer moves mountains, what’s your mountain that you’d like us to pray for?

Or, putting it another way, what mountains has God already moved for you that you can share with others to encourage us all.

Whether you’d like some prayer and don’t know how, or do know how and need extra prayer input – or you want to share an answer to prayer, you can do so via our Contact Page, through Facebook Messenger or Instagram Messenger, via DingDash or Patreon, or even our YouTube channel. And, you can watch Live, and comment along as we pray with your own prayers (please note that you need to have liked our Facebook page for at least 15 minutes before your comments during the Live Broadcast will be able to appear).

Prayer 2:62, weekdays, from 7pm
Prayer 2:62, weekdays, from 7pm

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