Prayer 2:62 updates

We switched to a 7pm time for our weekday Prayer 2:62 but, to be honest, this really isn’t fitting with our family as we’d expected it to do. So, with some pretty big plans for Prayer 2:62 due in a month anyway, we’re gonna put a pause on Prayer 2:62 for now.

Our intention, God willing – when we change things up a bit – will be with a return to our previous time of 4pm, but with some exciting additions in the form of a prayer vlog/journal from Peter, and the wonderful Jo Jo and Peter creating a weekly Family Prayer Time video/idea to inspire you in your own situation. You can look at ones we’ve done previously here.

We don’t like having to cancel, and the time really isn’t working for us as we had planned for it to do.

So we’ll restart back on Monday 5th July for more Prayer 2:62.

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