Quick lessons from the life of Christ

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I’ve recently been privileged to spend some time with a lovely chap. And I’m enjoying his blog too! Check this one out, which I found especially encouraging! He blogs at Gospel-road#66.1

Andy B

Jesus didn’t write a book, but books are written about him. Jesus didn’t go to university, yet he was a great teacher. Jesus never hated anyone, yet still others hated him. Jesus never seeked fame, yet everyone knew about him. Jesus never told lies, but others lied to condemn him. Jesus was loyal to his […]

Quick lessons from the life of Christ

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  1. Gospelroad#66

    13/05/2022 at 08:34

    It’s my honour to have met such great men of God such as you and Alan! Much appreciation for sharing this blog, all glory to God for His inspiration! God bless brother 😊🙏

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