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We love creating regular broadcasts that you can download, stream, share and use. And we love making them freely available, and they’re all stored right here – in the Resources section.

Think of this as part of the heart to everything we do as the BerryBunch – providing resources you can use, either as they are, or as inspiration for your own creative best.

You’ll find some areas have more resources than others, but they’re all here for you to use. And if you want o know about How To Use Our Resources, just follow the link. And if you want something, but can’t find quite what you’re looking for, you can Contact Us – we’re available for bespoke commissions: find out more on our Hire Us page.

Andy B 2 Minute Videos

Rambling would be my Olympic Sport. So I set myself the challenge of creating videos, 2 minutes or less (ok, anything less than 3 minutes!) when inspired by ordinary, and what it can teach us all about the importance and relevance of our faith in Jesus Christ.

#GoDeeper with Andy B

#GoDeeper with Andy B is the preaching series that we create for episodes of Endurance. These full episodes can still be found in our Archived Broadcasts Section.

Preachy Teaches (S4 Sunday)

Something 4 Sunday, Season 2, Episode 7, Andy B Preachy Teach

Taken from our Project Something 4 Sunday, which you can now find in our Archived Broadcasts Section.

Andy B Teaching Series Videos

Faith and Prayer, Volume 1, Faith and Prayer

Andy B loves opening the bible and seeing what it can tell us. The Teaching Series are videos on very specific topics.

Family Devotionals

As a family we’ve always tried to spend a little bit of time each day, together, talking a look at a piece of scripture, or a topic or theme one of the five of us has had on their mind to share with the rest of family.

Family Prayer Time, Psalm 148

Family Prayer Times

We love coming up with creative ways of doing it as a family. As we create ways of praying for Something 4 Sunday, we’ll upload them here for you as well.

Gospel Message, Andy B, 4 images

Gospel Messages

Some Gospel Message ideas we’ve recorded. We hope they will inspire you to doing your creative bests for God.

Memory Verses

Memory Verse, Teddies, Genesis 2 v 2b

We love learning scripture. These our our Memory Verses with plenty of videos you can use as they are, or be inspired by for your own creative best.

Object Lessons

Something 4 Sunday, Season 2, Episode 5, Object Lesson, Write a Psalm

Object Lessons can be simple or as complicated as your creativity and resources will allow. Only really limited by imagination (and risk management!).

Scripture Readings

Something 4 Sunday, Season 2, Episode 7, Family Prayer

We use a Scripture Reading often, and you can find those recordings here.

Skits and Dramas

Drama, Andy B and Jo Jo

We write skits and dramas from ideas we have and inspiration. They’re always our own work and we love doing them.

Toddler Resources

Dave the Dog gets thirsty

We love making content suitable for babies, small children, toddlers and families, including videos of Arts and Craft Projects, Story Times and Song Times, with Nursery Rhymes.

Art Time

Pictures, ideas and other creative type things will appear here for you. We hope they will inspire you to doing your creative bests for God and people.

Baking, image


Get your bake on, with some simple, toddler friendly, baking videos with Jo Jo and Andy B. All to inspire you in your own situation.

Song Time

There’s nothing old nursery rhymes for bringing back fond memories. But, like everything else, they can sometimes need a little refreshing too!

Story Time

Stories, like life, are best when crafted…this page is being crafted too and great things take a while to come to life!

support us, image, v2

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