Family Focus Devotionals

As a family we’ve always tried to spend a little bit of time each day, together, talking a look at a piece of scripture, or a topic or theme one of the five of us has had on their mind to share with the rest of family.

These have made up, essentially, devotionals – we call them Family Focus.

We love Family Focus and hope you will too! We’ve kept a record of many that we have done and will be posting them here as we’re able.

They’ve been written by each of us, so you’ll get a very different flavour with each Family Focus!


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Most Recent

  • Family Focus -FF5 – The Tree of Life
    Jo led the family in a reflective Family Focus with John 15: 5-6 – “I am the vine, and you are the branches … as the scriptural hook.

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  • Family Focus – 16.03.2021 – Colour Part 2
    Colour Part 2 Romans 12:15 – Mourn for those who mourn Matthew 5:44 – Love your enemies James 1:2-3 – Consider it pure joy when you face trials John 14:27 – Peace I leave you…
  • Family Focus – 15.03.2021 – Warning! Don’t walk in your own light
    For our family devotional today, I thought about colour, and how it can sometimes feel like the colour has gone out of our life. There is a great episode of Garfield, which we watch during the devotional today. We spend 20 minutes thinking and focusing on the bible and God. Then we spend time praying together.
  • Family Focus – 10.03.2021 – Love
    Family Focus – 10.03.2021 – Love Creativity – Jill the dog – everyone showed how they had added scripture to their own version of Jill the dog
  • Family Focus (FF5) – Love & Justice
    Family Focus, Love and Justice

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