Run and Hide!

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2 Kings 9 – 2 Kings 11

I smiled when I read the story in 2 Kings 9 where Elisha tells one of the young prophets to call a private meeting with Jehu to anoint him as the King of Israel. Elisha tells the young prophet to pour oil over the head of Jehu and then run for his life! I think if Elisha, with his prophetic insight and power told me to run, I would definitely do that!

There was a whole heap of killings in the scripture verses I read today; well a lot of that does go on in 1 & 2 Kings, to be fair. But it seems most of the killings and deaths had been predicted by God in earlier verses and basically God’s judgment & punishment was on these people. King Ahaziah was one of those who was killed and who got his just deserts.

The story that interested me the most, though, which seemed unusual, was about Athaliah. When this woman, the mother of King Ahaziah of Judah learnt that her son was dead, she killed all of his children so she could become queen. Fortunately, one son, Joash, who was only one at that time, was hidden and kept safe. Then when this boy was seven years old, the priest, Johoiada got involved and showed the palace guards that this heir to the throne was still alive. The long and short of it was Queen Ahaziah came running out screaming ‘Treason’ and was dragged away and killed. Everyone was happy after her death and the city settled back into quietness after this women’s death.

It’s all a bit complicated, but it is clear that Athaliah’s attempt to kill all of Ahaziah’s sons was futile, because God had promised that the Messiah would be born through David’s royal descendants (2 Samuel 7). What was amazing was another women, Jehosheba had an important part to play in God’s plan. Jehosheba stole the boy away and hid him and his nurse in the temple for six years. Through this women’s courage, the royal line of David through which the Messiah would come, was preserved. Evil people like Athaliah start things, but God always rises up people like Jehosheba to do His Good work.

I hope I can rise to the challenge if God calls me to be a Jehosheba for Him.

I guess the stories today show that there are times to run and times to hide; interestingly this is what King David had to do from time to time as well.


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