Dave the Dog gets his first episode of his very own show off the ground with his usual funny antics, but don’t worry JoJo is there to keep him on track!

Dave shows off his all new, no expense spared, flashy, well decorated set for his new programme – Dave Unleashed.

Watch Dave the Dog settle into his own show and get to grips with what he is supposed to be doing with the help of JoJo on the side lines. And work out for yourselves whether he behaved himself or not!

Story Time with Dave the Dog

The first story on this brand-new show is about a boy called Samuel and his boss called Eli who both get woken up in the middle of the night.

What do you think Dave thinks of that?

Well, put it this way, Dave the Dog likes his sleep and enjoys many naps, but we don’t know how many because Dave can only count to three – one, two, three!

Find out what happened to Sam and Eli and the call in the night from a very important person.

Art Time

For art time, JoJo shows us how to make a telephone with cups and string. This simple project is not just art, it’s science too.

Make the telephone and have a go phoning a friend – it really works – it’s scientifically proven!

Dave the Dog and the BerryBunch


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