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We continue this series of Sunday PLUS, looking through the book of Proverbs using the New Living Translation Bible as usual. In this - the third episode - we journey into Proverbs chapter 3 to discover the exciting words that can help us live better lives. It’s all about wisdom!

Dave the Dog shows off his snazzy new desk – Paws off! And Dave works with Jo to help us reflect on what Andy B has to say about Proverbs 3. As Jo points out this chapter of Proverbs is quite long, so Andy B helps us all out by picking out some gems from the chapter to concentrate on, including Trust in God and not lean on our own understanding (verse 5), Wisdom is more precious than rubies (verse 15) and by wisdom the Lord founded the earth (verse 19).

Jo and Dave reflect on their own decision making, what stuff is important to them and how wisdom comes into their creativity. Dave shares how wisdom and prayer might have helped him, with his friend Bert. And I wonder if you can guess what’s precious to Dave the Dog – Don’t say it – Stick, Stick, Stick!

Proverbs 3 talks a lot about the importance of wisdom in our lives and how it helps us make good decisions, helps us in being creative and is far more precious than ‘stuff’. God uses the bible to remind us how we can live our best lives here on earth and we all need wisdom from God in our lives.

The BerryBunch with Dave the Dog

Dave the Dog 3:13
You all right?

Jo 3:14

Dave the Dog 3:15
How am ya?

Jo 3:17

Dave the Dog 3:18
Welcome to Sunday PLUS!

Jo 3:20

Dave the Dog 3:21
It's like a Sunday for maths.

Jo 3:24
What do you mean?

Dave the Dog 3:25
Well, Sunday PLUS, something. It's like algebra. But we don't know what the end is yet.

Jo 3:32
That's one way of looking at it. But welcome. My name's Jo.

Dave the Dog 3:35
My name's not Jo.

Jo 3:36
No, it's not.

Dave the Dog 3:37
You know what my name is?

Jo 3:40
Hey, cool desk

Dave the Dog 3:41
Says my name on the desk.

Jo 3:43
Oh, did you wangle that one?

Dave the Dog 3:44
Well, do you remember I had that issue. And the soundman wanted to sellotape the microphone.

Jo 3:49
Oh yeah

Dave the Dog 3:49
to me head? Well, I threatened to sue the BerryBunch.

Jo 3:52
Oh, so you got a desk?

Dave the Dog 3:54
So I got a desk. It's a bit wobbly. But it's better.

Jo 3:59
No expense spared?

Dave the Dog 4:01

Jo 4:02
So it's Sunday PLUS, with me Jo, and Dave the Dog.

Dave the Dog 4:06
I'm not Jo!

Jo 4:07
No, you're not.

Dave the Dog 4:08
You're not Dave!

Jo 4:08
And, we're doing Proverbs 3. All about wisdom.

Dave the Dog 4:13
Is there an earthquake?

Jo 4:14
Oh, no, it's Oh, yeah, it's just wobbly, isn't it? You just got to keep still. Keep very still.

Dave the Dog 4:20
O. K.

Jo 4:23
Shall we hear what Andy B has to say about Proverbs 3?

Dave the Dog 4:27

Jo 4:27

Dave the Dog 4:27
Hit it!

Andy 4:31
So welcome to another Sunday PLUS with me, Andy B. And we're going to continue our look at Proverbs chapter 3, and what it can teach us about wisdom. And what it can teach us, quite frankly, is rather a lot!

Andy 4:45
Now what we do every time we do a Sunday PLUS is we're using the New Living Translation Bible. So you can get that through YouVersion, from an app, or you can go onto Bible gateway, which is a website. If you search for Bible gateway, you can select New Living Translation, which is really good if English isn't your first language. It's also a very, very good translation of Scripture. And that's the one that we're gonna be using throughout this series.

Andy 5:11
Now, what we do, is we take a couple, or 3 verses, from each chapter. We focus on those and see, what can we learn. And this is what we're looking at today.

Andy 5:20
If you have your Bibles with you, you can turn with me to Proverbs chapter 3, verse 5, and 6. And we're gonna to start here because it says this,

Andy 5:31
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding. Seek His will, in all you do and he will show you which path to take."

Andy 5:44
Have you ever found yourself with a really tough decision to make? Maybe you've gotta choose a toy for your birthday, or a design for a cake for your birthday cake, and you're thinking, well, which one am I supposed to have? God cares about that, just as much as He cares about anything else. And if you're not quite sure what to do, you go to God and say, 'Lord, give me some wisdom'. And what the Bible says is He'll give you that wisdom. And that wisdom will help you to make a good choice, even about something that we might consider to be not important, like a birthday cake. But, to God, if it matters to us, it matters to Him. And there's nothing too small for God's care!

Andy 6:23
"So trust in the Lord with all your heart do not depend on your own understanding."

Andy 6:27
As you go through your lives, you're going to find that there will be difficult situations, when you do not know what to do. You don't have to be an old person, like me, to work out and think I don't know what to do. You can be young, you can be old, I think I'm in my 40s so I'm kind of middle aged. But we're all going to face difficulties where we think I just don't know what to do. What's the right way? And what God says is when we focus on Him, when we use his wisdom, He will show you which path to take. It might be which job you do. Maybe you're 15, 16, and you're thinking about your career. Do you go to a college or further education? University? Do you want to be a plumber? Or do you want to go and be a lawyer in a court? Well, God will show you which path to take is best for you.

Andy 7:15
Many years ago, our middle son, Nathan, was an amazing footballer. People said he's really skilled. He's really good. He's really quick. But the problem was a lot of the other boys really started to hate Nathan. Now he was quite sweet about it. He wasn't arrogant, but he was very, very good. And these lads thought they were the best footballers ever, and Nathan would come in, having had no training like they had done, take the ball off them, and score a goal. And in the end, we had to use wisdom and say, 'Nathan, we really don't think it's safe for you to play football any more at this particular place. Because if we carry on, we know on our hearts, they're going to try and hurt you. They might break your leg, or your ankle because they want to be better than you'.

Andy 7:56
So we went to God, we prayed we asked for Godly wisdom. We prayed it through with Nathan, and we pulled him out of football training because his legs are more important than is the ability to kick a football. That was using wisdom. It wasn't necessarily the most logical thing to do. But it was what we had peace about doing. And that's the thing about wisdom. Yu will know peace when you feel it and see it.

Andy 8:18
Now. Let me skip down to verse 15, verses 13 to 15, 13 to 16 really kind of go together. We just want to look at verse 15 today.

Andy 8:28
"Wisdom is more precious than rubies. Nothing you desire, can compare with her."

Andy 8:34
If you don't know what a Ruby is, it's a very precious gemstone, and it's red in colour. It's beautiful. Kind of looks a bit like a red diamond. That's what a Ruby is and it's precious. And what the Bible is saying here is, if we pursue wisdom, it's even more valuable than rubies. In verse 14, it's more valuable than silver. And this is the thing about wisdom.

Andy 8:58
If you're not sure what to do in life, knowing how to get through life, means having wisdom. And if you've got that wisdom, that's more precious than anything you can do. Its better than a nice car. It's better than a good house. It's better than a good degree, or a fantastic job opportunity. If you have Godly wisdom, you have more than is worth anything else in the world. And why do I say that? Well, I'm gonna skip on to verse 19 to 20. Why is wisdom so important? Why is Andy B going on about wisdom so much? Well, let's hear what God has to say. Verse 19, and 20.

Andy 9:32
"By wisdom, the Lord founded the earth. By understanding He created the heavens. By His knowledge, the deep fountains of the earth burst forth, and the dew settles beneath the night sky."

Andy 9:51
Wisdom is what God uses to make the heavens and the earth.

Andy 9:55
If you look around the world, you've got the planets, and the solar system, and the sun, and the stars, and the moon. You've got gravity. You've got water. You've got the seas going up and down with tides. You've got the hydrological cycle, where water goes up into clouds, gets clean, come back down again, we can drink it as fresh water. God made all of that! And He also made all the animals. He hand designed you and me. And He used wisdom to do it.

Andy 10:22
Is wisdom really all that important? Why does it matter? Well, God uses wisdom to make the heavens and the earth, to make the animals the mountains, the trees, everything the seasons, summer, winter, autumn, winter, and spring, He used all that, that's wisdom that is. That's why wisdom's good.

Andy 10:40
Why is wisdom important for you and for me? Well, if God says it's important, then it's important! But here's the thing, if you have wisdom, God actually made the heavens and the earth. And Jesus, if we skip on quite a little bit in time, Jesus actually says you can do more than I can do, says Jesus, you can do even greater things. So if Wisdom means that God can create the heavens and the earth, having Godly wisdom in you and me, means we can do some fairly amazing things.

Andy 11:07
As we go through the book of Proverbs, we're always thinking about King Solomon. King Solomon was an amazing King, because of one particular thing, he had amazing wisdom. And the book of Proverbs is a lot of stuff that comes from King Solomon, tells us about wisdom, why it's important, some examples of wisdom, why it matters, what we can do with it, all that kind of stuff. But it also goes on lots of warnings, things to be careful of. But in this, chapter 3, it tells us that wisdom is what God uses to make the heavens and the earth. That's how good wisdom is! So, if you thinking 'is wisdom for me, is that for older people?' No, it's for you, too. Is it for younger people? No, it is for you to wisdom is for all of us.

Andy 11:52
If we go to a book called James, in the New Testament, it talks about wisdom again, it says, 'Don't be double minded'. Don't be not sure whether you're gonna go this way or, or that way. Make a decision. How do you make that decision? Well you use wisdom, and God wants you to have wisdom. He wants me to have wisdom, He wants us all to have Godly wisdom. Because, as you look around the world, we've got what's called a climate emergency. It's not actually a climate emergency, I'm sorry to say. It's not an emergency, because they've been saying this thing for 50 years, 100 years, and we're still okay, thanks very much. And God's bigger than this. Yes, we should look after that planet. But if we're not quite sure what to do, don't be scared into doing something because everyone's terrifying you, because we're going to end, and the world's gonna end, and it's gonna get too you hot, and the seas are gonna rise.

Andy 12:40
Well, the Seas may rise, and it might get a bit warmer, and it might get colder as well. These things come in cycles. But what's more important is to know Jesus Christ. That is the best wisdom. Whether the seasons come and go, and change. Whether it gets too hot on the earth, we don't actually know! What we do know is the world will end one day as we know it, because Jesus is gonna come back. Knowing that fact is wisdom. So don't let fear and anxiety control who you are or what you're gonna do. Don't let fear rob you of hope and excitement for your future, 'cos God's got a future for you.

Andy 13:15
Let's go back to where we started with verse 5, which says this.

Andy 13:19
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding."

Andy 13:25
When you're quite small. It's quite important when you're crossing the road in the UK, we have quite fast cars in the UK and quite fast roads, it's quite important to exercise wisdom, put your hand out to a parent, or an adult, and they will help you walk across the road. Why is that important? It's because of this. You cannot see as far down the road, as someone who is taller than you are. It doesn't matter about how your age, it's about your height. When you're younger, generally speaking, you're going to be a little bit shorter. But you can't quite see down the road. So you use wisdom. And the wisdom, in case of the UK and crossing the road, you use the wisdom of sticking your hand out, letting someone who's taller than you, to see further than you.

Andy 14:08
God can see further than all of us. And that's why we need His wisdom, because we can only see a little bit. I'm 44 I've experienced all sorts of things in life. I've drilled through 20 year old household waste, you know your stuff from your kitchen bin, you chuck it away? I've drilled through 20 year old stuff like that, 15, 20 metres down. I can tell you it smells! But the thing is, it doesn't matter what I've experienced, God's wisdom is greater.

Andy 14:35
I can tell you the smell, and the colour, of the stuff that comes out of the ground. But God can tell you what was at each single level, as that drill went down that we were using, God knew what was everywhere, because God, God sees all, God knows all. That's wisdom. So, let's tap into God's wisdom because as much as we might know, however old we are, or tall we are, or short we are, God knows everything. So let's tap into His wisdom, because His wisdom will help us.

Andy 15:05
Verse 5, let's read it once more, 'cos this is deep stuff. If you wanna learn some scripture, learn verse 5of Chapter 3 of the Bible.

Andy 15:12
"Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Do not depend on your own understanding".

Andy 15:19
Trusting in the Lord with all your heart means you rely upon God, 'cos you know He's got the answers. So give everything you have to God and He will give you all that you need. Do not depend on your own understanding.

Andy 15:33
There's a thing that I have a big frustration with. This is an Andy B soap box warning, okay.

Andy 15:37
People will say 'we need more common sense in the world'. Here's my response to that. We need an awful lot less common sense in the world! 'Cos the problem with common sense is it's based on human wisdom, human knowledge, human understanding. What we need is less common sense and far more GodSense. Because if we throw the common sense away, and we put God's sense in, instead, now we're seeing things through God's eyes. And when we're looking at stuff from a biblical perspective, from us as Christians, people who are interested in God, what we need to remember is this. What we see is a tiny part of what exists. What God sees is everything. So if you're not quite sure how to make a difficult decision you've got in your life, whether you're 5 years old, or 50 years old, or 85 years old, go to God, and He will give you all the wisdom you could ever possibly need.

Andy 16:31
And don't be too worried about using common sense. Let's get some GodSense in there. It's far more important to get God's perspective than our own!

Jo 16:43
There we go, Andy B, helping us to understand Proverbs 3, wisdom. And there are 35 verses to Proverbs three. So thank goodness and he just took it, broke it down for us, and a few verses. So let me ask you, Dave the Dog. Wwhat did you learn from what Andy B just talked about?

Dave the Dog 17:02
That there's 35 verses in the Psalm.

Jo 17:04
I just said that.

Dave the Dog 17:06
In the Proverb.

Jo 17:06
What did what did Andy B say? What did you learn?

Dave the Dog 17:09
Hold hands.

Jo 17:09
Hold hands?

Dave the Dog 17:10
Across the road.

Jo 17:10
Yes, that's, that's wise isn't it.

Dave the Dog 17:14
I don't have hands.

Jo 17:15

Dave the Dog 17:15
I don't have fingers.

Jo 17:18
How do you hold things?

Dave the Dog 17:21
With me mouth.

Jo 17:22
With your mouth, with your mouth, okay. Well you have to use your mouth when you hold things. So you've learned about wisdom, about crossing the road. And that is an example that Andy B gave.

Jo 17:30
Now he gave us a few verses from Proverbs 3. First one he looked at, we need to trust the Lord, trust God and not our own understanding. That was the first one.

Jo 17:39
The second one was that wisdom was more precious than rubies.

Dave the Dog 17:44
I got, I got wisdom.

Jo 17:45
Have ya?

Dave the Dog 17:45
I don't trust Burt with me computer.

Jo 17:51
No, yeah, he's caused you problems hasn't he?

Dave the Dog 17:53
I'm still clearing smoke damage from last time he played a game.

Jo 17:57
And the third one was God uses wisdom to make everything.

Dave the Dog 18:02

Jo 18:02
Yeah. So what we can look at first is Andy talked about making decisions, so we can use God's wisdom to help us make decisions. Now you've made a decision not to trust Burt, Burt, haven't you, because he's, he's made mistakes with your computer. Is that right?

Dave the Dog 18:18
He blew it up.

Jo 18:18
Is there any problems, any decisions, you've struggled with to make a decision that you needed help with?

Dave the Dog 18:24
Letting Burt in the house again.

Jo 18:27
Do you let him back in do you?

Dave the Dog 18:28
Carefully? I make him sit.

Jo 18:32
Sit? Does he does he do that?

Dave the Dog 18:36
Ar, he's very obedient, Burt. As long as he hasn't got a keyboard, he's alright.

Jo 18:42
Yeah. Well, I struggle sometimes with work, doing all the things 'cos I've got so much to do and I don't know which one, where to start. So, I pray, and ask God for wisdom to know what to do first.

Dave the Dog 18:53
I should hvae prayed before I said Burt could play on me computer.

Jo 18:57
Yeah, maybe, maybe yeah.

Dave the Dog 18:58
I missed that step.

Jo 18:59
You did, yeah. Perhaps you wouldn't have let him would you? Yeah. That's a good point. So, prayer helps us make wise choices. That's right. That's what Andy B was saying.

Jo 19:07
And the second one was about wisdom being so precious as rubies. So I was gonna ask you, Dave, what is precious to you?

Dave the Dog 19:15
Me stick.

Jo 19:16
Your stick? Ah, you brought it in? Ooh, that's your favourite stick.

Dave the Dog 19:22

Jo 19:22
Can't hear you, what did you say?

Dave the Dog 19:22

Jo 19:22
What did you say? You dropped it. You dropped your precious stick.

Dave the Dog 19:29

Jo 19:30
You can get that later, can't you?

Dave the Dog 19:32
Is there a stage crew?

Jo 19:34
We'll get it later. Don't worry.

Dave the Dog 19:36
Hello. Anyone. Help!

Jo 19:39
That's the, Dave's precious thing is a stick.

Dave the Dog 19:41

Jo 19:41
We'll get it later. Don't worry about it. Yeah, we all have precious things and what Andy was saying that actually don't matter what, how precious anything is of your stuff.

Dave the Dog 19:49
I can see it!

Jo 19:49
You can see it?

Dave the Dog 19:50

Jo 19:50
Doesn't matter how precious your stick is, and how much you want to get, get it, isdom is far more precious than sticks.

Dave the Dog 19:57

Jo 19:58

Dave the Dog 19:58

Jo 19:59
It is true. That's what the Bible says.

Dave the Dog 20:01
I don't think so.

Jo 20:02
It's what the bible says.

Dave the Dog 20:04
Sticks am better than rubies.

Jo 20:06
No, I don't think. Yeah, maybe rubie. But rubies are very, very precious, and very, very expensive.

Dave the Dog 20:10
So's me stick.

Jo 20:10
Okay, fair enough. And then the third part was that God used wisdom to make everything. That's pretty impressive, isn't it?

Dave the Dog 20:21
Ar, 'cos he made sticks.

Jo 20:22
He made, he did. He made sticks. Made trees that make sticks. He made everything, yeah.

Dave the Dog 20:26

Jo 20:26
Really good. And it makes me think about when I make scones.

Dave the Dog 20:31
What am scones?

Jo 20:32
Or scones. Scones are a nice.

Dave the Dog 20:34
Them called biscuits

Jo 20:36

Dave the Dog 20:37
in America.

Jo 20:37
Are they?

Dave the Dog 20:38
Not cookies,

Jo 20:38
we call them

Dave the Dog 20:38
which we call biscuits.

Jo 20:41
Scones. You can put cream and jam on. And I made some the other week. And do you know, I used wisdom, 'cos I washed my hands beforehand. That's, that's wise. And the second thing is I took my watch off because when you make scones, you get messy. And you've got flour, and butter everywhere.

Dave the Dog 21:00
I haven't made scones.

Jo 21:02

Dave the Dog 21:02
Get fur in the mixture.

Jo 21:03
And do you know what else, other wisdom I used. I took my rings off, so they didn't get all caked in flour. Now, I understood that and I used wisdom.

Dave the Dog 21:12
Does that mean you weren't married?

Jo 21:15
No, that doesn't mean that. I just took my ring off for a bit.

Dave the Dog 21:20
Does Andy know about this?

Jo 21:22
So we can apply wisdom to our lives can't we. Making decisions. The way in which we do stuff, like make things, cooking, and things like that? And we realise that wisdom is more important than all the good stuff that we have in life

Dave the Dog 21:36
And don't let Burt near your computer, no matter how good he says he is.

Jo 21:41
So go off and read Proverbs 3.

Dave the Dog 21:44
It's good that

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