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“Be honest, be truthful, be real with God.”

In the second episode of this new series, Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always - to pray as a family – and in this series by using the book of psalms. This time, Pete and Jo read some verses from Psalm 2.

This Psalm was written by King David to celebrate the coronation of Israelite Kings and ultimately the coronation of Jesus – the eternal King – King of all Kings!

So, as Jo says this Psalm is an opportunity to praise God in our prayers. There are, of course, different kinds of prayers, like thanksgiving prayers, when we thank God for things, petition prayers when we ask for things from God and praise prayers when we simply worship God because he is God – awesome, amazing and beyond description.

Join Peter and JoJo in celebrating God our King because:

‘What joy for all who take refuge in him!’

Peter and Jo Jo


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