S02E004, Marriage Matters – Coming Up, 13/08/2022, It’s Gone Pear Shaped

Avatar The BerryBunch | 11/08/2022

What's coming up in our next Marriage Matters Podcast?

In this week’s Marriage Matters, Andy B and Jo face the fact that things can go wrong and use the phrase ‘pear shaped’ to describe difficulties in marriage. Jo wants us to know that they are not being ‘pearist’ and have nothing against pears! And, as usual, Jo and Andy share their own experiences to encourage and support us in celebrating marriages in spite of these unattractive problems and help us find a healthy way to grow our marriages.

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Andy and Jo



Andy 0:15
Hello and welcome to another episode of

Jo 0:18
Marriage Matters

Andy 0:19
with Andy

Jo 0:20
and Jo.

Andy 0:21
Hey, it's all like, you know, syncing

Jo 0:23
Working together.

Andy 0:24
We've switched sides.

Jo 0:26
I know.

Andy 0:27
Yeah, the camera hasn't gone into mirror or anything. It's actually us. Can I move your mic? Hang on, this is terrible.

Jo 0:32
Oh no, what's wrong. What's happened. The mics not in the right place. Is that what you're saying?

Andy 0:38
I failed.

Jo 0:39
No, no. Tweaking, tweaking.

Andy 0:43
Tweaking as we go. There we go. I'll get it fixed in the next break. So, yes, Marriage Matters. What's our topic darling?

Jo 0:50
Going pear shaped.

Andy 0:51
Going pear shaped This is not a weight loss programme. What's going pear shaped about really briefly?

Jo 0:58
All kinds of things

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