S02E005, God our Defender, Family Prayer Time

Avatar Jo Jo | 14/08/2022

In this fifth episode of the new season, Peter & JoJo get together to encourage us, as always - to pray as a family – and in this series by using the Book of Psalms. This time, Pete and Jo read the whole of Psalm 5, twelve verses this time.

This is another Psalm written by King David who is asking God to defend him against the lies of his enemies. JoJo likens this to someone calling us names at school and being bullied by another person in the playground. God coming to our rescue is like when someone else in the playground, maybe someone bigger or older, comes to stand up for us and help us against the person making accusations and using hurtful words.

The Psalms are definitely helpful for us today and Psalm 5, like many Psalms come with instructions for the choir director and suggests the Psalm be accompanied by a flute. Here’s an idea, if you can play the flute or any kind of instrument, why not play in the background as you read the Psalm together as a family or play some music from your CD collection, just not too loud – you need to hear the wonderful words of Psalm 5!

Join JoJo and Pete in praying through Psalm 5 to remind us of how God defends us.

Peter and Jo Jo


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