S02E005, Marriage Matters – Coming Up, 20.08.2022, Day to Day

Avatar The BerryBunch | 18/08/2022

What's coming up in our next Marriage Matters Podcast?

This week’s Marriage Matters, you’ll be pleased to hear, is quite simple and straight forward and although Andy B and Jo tackle what might be the mundane and ordinary things of married life, this episode is not boring!

Join us for Marriage Matters: Saturdays from 4pm

Andy and Jo



Andy 0:00
I forgot to ask, is it you or me?

Jo 0:18
You, you. You start.

Andy 0:19
It'll be me then. Well, hello. We're on the ball. It's a bit hot today.

Jo 0:23

Andy 0:24
I have to be honest we've melted. I think I'm on five ice lollies today.

Jo 0:27
Oh dear.

Andy 0:28
It's a it's a warm day. Anyway, welcome to Marriage Matters. Another episode of the awesomeness of marriage matters,

Jo 0:34
Because marriage matters.

Jo 0:36
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