S02E006, Marriage Matters – Coming Up, 27.8.2022, Rubies are a wife’s best friend!

Avatar The BerryBunch | 26/08/2022

What's coming up in our next Marriage Matters Podcast?

In this week’s Marriage Matters, Andy B and Jo look at how precious a wife is – well a good Wife, no! - an excellent Wife, not just any Wife! Don’t worry, Andy and Jo promised to cover husbands next week!

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Andy and Jo



Andy 0:14
Well hello and welcome to,

Jo 0:16
Marriage Matters.

Andy 0:17
With me,

Jo 0:19

Andy 0:19
And you,

Jo 0:20

Andy 0:21
Well rehearsed. It's like slick, isn't it? So slick. You're very welcome to join us for another podcast episode with a video alongside it. Is it a podcast or is it a video? Is it a vlog?

Jo 0:33
I don't know.

Andy 0:34
Whatever it is you're welcome to join us anyway. So we talk about all things of the matter, because Marriage Matters.

Jo 0:40

Andy 0:41
No, that's wrong.

Jo 0:42
All things marriage, because it matters.

Andy 0:45
It matters because Marriage Matters. Anyway, shall we just we'll just, we'll just push on. So if you want to keep in touch with all that we're doing which is worthwhile because you'll miss some really super exciting news, which I can't still yet actually be aloud to say but there's some really exciting stuff.

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