Peter & JoJo continue encouraging us to pray as a family by reading the Psalms together. This time, Peter and JoJo read the whole of Psalm 6 as a prayer to God, reminding us of the relevance and power of these words for us today.

Peter tells us that David is appealing to God to go easy on him! David knows God does not tolerate evil, but on the other hand God is a merciful God, a God of justice and mercy. Peter also tells us that David is in some kind of trouble, but in this Psalm, we don’t know what this is.

JoJo draws our attention to how David pours out his heart to God, being honest and real and confident that God can rescue him in his trouble, no matter what that is. And that is true today and for us; if we call on God in our troubles, He can rescue us.

So, join Peter and JoJo in open, honest, and heartfelt prayer to a God who delivers!

Peter and Jo Jo


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