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Everything in life can teach us something or cause us to question. And when our tape measures got pulled beyond the STOP sign at the end, it broke.

  • Tape measure, STOP

That STOP sign tells you where the end of the tape measure sits...if you don't pull it past those warning, red, letters, all is good!

And in life, there are often STOP signs. We obey them or ignore them at our peril.

So where is God asking you to STOP?

Andy B

So, erm, tape measures have a ,a special little thing. And write down here, you can see it on the photo, it says the word stop.

And if you pull the tape measure too far, erm, it breaks. And that little red, red, written STOP is really important.

And it got us thinking, as a family, about, OK, we've accidentally broken a tape measure that we bought, but we can get a new tape measure. Some things you can repair, some things you can't. This is not repairable!

It's not very practical having a 5 metre tape measure, that is in a straight line, across the garden, unless you bring things to it. So, it's kind of dead now, but we'll get a new one.

But it got us thinking about where there are red lines, just like this red stop sign. You can see it in the photo as well.

Where, in our lives, have we got these STOP lights? These red traffic lights? These words in red saying stop what you're doing? And we choose to ignore it. And we do so at our peril!

Maybe it could just be your tape measure, and you pull it tor far, and you break it off.

But it might be a stop sign somewhere else in your life.

So, where is there a STOP sign, in your life, that God is asking you to see, consider and obey?

And, unlike our now defunct tape measure, we need to listen to the stop signs!

So, where's God asking you to stop something in your life? And where's God asking me in my life?

So that's our little thought for today.

Andy B 2 Minute Video.

STOP signals.

Signals that prevent us from going too far.

Just 'cos we can go past something, doesn't mean to say we should.

Maybe it's that stop sign on a tape measure? Maybe it's a red light in your own life? An emotion, perhaps?

Let's listen to them!

Let's not ignore them!

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Written by The BerryBunch


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