S02E010, Marriage Matters – Coming Up, 01.10.2022, Roles and Responsibilities, Part 1

Avatar The BerryBunch | 29/09/2022

What's coming up in our next Marriage Matters Podcast?

In this episode of Marriage Matters, Andy B and Jo look at who does what in our relationships – to putting the bin out, cleaning, cooking, staying at home, going out to work and more – not an exhaustive list!

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Andy and Jo



Andy 0:16
Well, hello, and welcome to another episode of Marriage Matters. I'm a tired Andy.

Jo 0:21
And a tired Jo.

Andy 0:22
'Cos we've been working super hard this weekend. So, on the weekend of filming, we've done a breakfast show for Konnect, which was 3 hours. All 5 of us. And we've done our own radio show for Konnect for Sunday. So, busy busy!

Jo 0:37
Yes, but we're here for Marriage Matters.

Andy 0:40
We've also got 6 massive bags of hedge trimmings. Busy busy! So, you're welcome to join us.

Andy 0:47
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Jo 0:56

Andy 0:56
Let's be honest. Social media loves to hide things from you.

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