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In the garden, to one side of our home, sits a bush. It has the most stunning, beautiful, purple flowers, that literally can take your breath away, such is the colour. But that’s only half the story. Because the other half of this same bush is looking rather barren and dead.

In our lives we often need pruning to keep us looking at our best – like having a hair cut. It keeps us looking tidier, and more presentable.

In our spiritual lives, if we are having a relationship with Jesus Christ, then we will be constantly growing too. But, with growth, there is a need for pruning.

Just like the bush in our garden that needs a good prune to help it have a chance of doing what it should do, we need that same attention in our lives.

Is there an area of your life that God is wanting top prune? Perhaps a former living part that has simply had it’s time, and now needs pruning away so God can help something even more beautiful grow in it’s place? Much like cutting dead ‘heads’ from a bush, we can feed things that are no longer working as they should.

Andy B

0:06 So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And, in our garden, it's a really lovely mature gardens. There's lots of bushes and trees, and we've got more birds than I've ever known. It's amazing and it's beautiful. But in the middle of the garden, on one side of the house, is this bush. And it quite clearly comes up. You can see a photo of it. It quite clearly moves up from the ground then it splits into two. And on the one side, you've got this beautiful, purpley, lilac, look. buddied flower stuff, and it's kind of it's quite, quite breathtaking, to be honest. But on the other side of the, of this bush, you've got, well, nothing actually. It looks like it's dead and barren. And depending on how you wanted to take a photo of it, you can pretend that the dead stuff isn't there. Because the stuff that's purple, and lilacey, and beautiful, that's much bigger. And it's looking vibrant and amazing.

1:00 But it got me thinking about are there parts of our life where we just need to have something pruned. I'm pretty confident, having only just moved into this house, we've seen this bush, that if we prune this later this year, next year, it'll be a beautiful bush. Right now. It's not even half a bush really.

1:17 In our lives with God, and our walks with Jesus Christ, there are these parts in our lives where God needs to chip away at stuff. He needs to help us get rid of some of those things that are dead.

1:27 I know from a former neighbour that if you've got a flower bud, and it's starting to die, it's done it's time, then the best thing to do is to cut it off. And then the plant isn't trying to supply a dead flower.

1:39 Are there parts of your life where you're hanging on to some't that's dead, and you're just feeding something that needs to be cut off?

1:47 Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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