When carrying out some rather widespread and deep website building work, Nathan and I ran across a really odd problem to have! Because, every time we loaded one video, another one kept on displaying instead.

After something of a panic, since it seemed to affect every video we had been working on, I thought about clearing the cache - for our internet browser.

If you’re more computer savvy than me (not very hard) then sorry for the following explanation:

The cache is much like the memory for your internet browser. When you visit a website and see a picture, the cache remembers that image and displays it for you, to save you data and time, without bothering to go and look to see if the latest image matches what it thought was there.

Our browser had simply remembered something we just were no longer using, and kept showing that instead. Clearing the cache made it look at the website, and display, in our case, the correct video.

And hence my somewhat concerned thoughts as to how I’d managed to break the internet from my little studio in the UK!

In our lives, as Christians, we can often get stuck remembering what used to be, and it inhibits our ability to move forwards in our relationship with Jesus Christ. It’s like walking forward towards a lamp post, while remembering back to a time when there was no lamppost. What you remember is quite irrelevant, as will become rapidly apparent as you meet the lamppost, and it’s best mate, gravity, and it’s brother in arms – pride!

What is, may be. But what was, may not be anymore! This is why wiping that cache is so important on your internet browser.

The bible tells us to daily renew our minds – that’s akin to wiping the cache for your internet browser each time you open it up to surf the internet. That way, you’ll only see what is currently true, and what be stuck on what used to be.

When we clear the cache in our relationship with God we’re not deleting anything. We’re simply letting God show us the latest version of something that He wants us to see.

Just a thought…

Andy B

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So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And we've been working really hard for a little while, Nathan and I, on our website. We've been doing lots of work to how it looks, and how it flows, and where the buttons are, and the navigation, and what pictures, what sizes do they need to be in the middle, and we've done lots and lots of work over two weeks. Perhaps 60 hours or so between us.

And it got towards the end. And we'd done the bulk of the work, and with a well let's, let's see how this is working. And we loaded up one of the Andy B videos, as it happened, Episode 82, the very last one. We loaded that up on the computer. And we expected to see Andy B, Season 4, Episode 82. And what we saw was Episode 14. Well, that's a bit weird, 'cos what we're seeing it should be displaying is the 82nd episode, and it's the 14th. Well, let's just try another one, and just check and every single video we clicked on was showing Episode 14, except for Episode 14. Now, at this point, a little bit of panic started to set in because, well, we're telling it to show you 82, and it's showing you 14, and that's impossible.

Now I had a bit of a panic about this. And I was gonna be frustrated thinking, well, this is literally impossible! So I had a little bit of a moment of memory happening. And we cleared the cache, C A, C, H, E. And we cleared the cache for the browser. It's something you do occasionally and, especially with what we were doing, it's really important, because the cache is what makes your internet experience a little bit better. Because it remembers where you've been. It remember some of the pictures and the videos and they load faster. And what happened was we told the website to load up a particular video, but the browser remembered a different video that we'd been testing it with, which happened to be the 14th episode.

So we cleared the cache and all was good!

And in our Christian walks, sometimes we've got to clear that cache. We remember what was not! Or, perhaps, we remember what is not. And we can remember in the past, and we need to clear that CACHE in order to forget things that just don't matter, in order to move forwards.

Where is God asking you to clear that cache? To hit that refresh button? So that He can do something new with you while you're not looking at the old?

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    20/06/2022 at 22:51

    Funny enough on our drive back from Dundee yesterday God put a new writing idea in my head, completely unlike anything I have done already. The unusual thing is I haven’t forgotten it at all, it is still with me. It is sort of opposite to your closing line, in that God is protecting the cache in my memory for this idea! Thank you for your encouraging words brother , it is great to see you back!

  2. Gospelroad#66

    21/06/2022 at 10:05

    Nice explanation! Linking the cache to clearing out our “cache”with God was a great analogy! At work when we have tech issues this is the first protocol for all problems – clear the cache and restart, it usually works. God bless 😊

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