Good things and bad things. They make up our lives! And it’s easy to want to forget about the bad things, especially those mistakes we made that we don’t want anybody else to ever know about.

We can accomplish, some of the time. But, there are some mistakes that are impossible to hide from others. And there is nothing we can ever hide away from God.

While it may seem like a great idea to cover over those dents and scratches from the bodywork of our lives, it may actually pay us to leave them as they are. Not all dents are bad!

A friend lost some fingers in a tragic accident. He has a permanent reminder of something that was bad. And, yet, he looks at his hands and remembers that dark time as, more importantly, the time he chose to follow Jesus. That accident was actually the moment when he found true joy, peace and hope in a relationship with Jesus Christ.

The mistakes in our lives can be hidden or visible. We all have things we do wrong which can be hidden more easily than other things. But don’t be too quick to hide away your struggles – you never know when that thing you struggle with, could be what somebody else needs to know about, so they don’t feel utterly alone.

Just a thought…

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

Now, I don't know if you know, particularly well, what a product called T Cut is. But, basically, it's for cars. If you've got some really light scratches on your paintwork, you T Cut it out and you T Cut on there, and you wipe it off and, basically, you rub for long enough, it's slightly abrasive, and it gets rid of the old scratches leaving your car looking glossy and shiny and no scratches on it. It's an amazing product and it works really well.

This is not a commercial for it! However, it's great at getting rid of light scratches. Doesn't really do much for deep stuff.

Have you ever seen the film, Cars? There's a wonderful character. He's my favourite character in the film, Cars, and it's Tow Mater. And it's this tow truck.

He's got one headlight, slightly goofy teeth, but he's great. He's a real character. And there's one of the movies where he's being set up to do this secret agent work. But, to do that, they have to make him look like somebody else by this special mask that he has on, and applied by a computer. And they're about to get rid of some of his dents, and his scratches. He's like 'No, no, no, I don't want to get rid of those dents and scratches 'cos, you know what, every one of those scratches and dents is a good memory'.

Now, to some, those dents and those scratches, well, that just ruins the aesthetic. It ruins the look. It, it makes it less good. But to Tow Mater, that scratch and that dent, that's a good memory, that's a memory. 'I'm not going to buff out, delete, fade out or, you know, rip away those memories'.

Our lives are full of memories, whether they're good, or whether they're bad. We've all got those same scratches, those same dents, those little dings. And, sometimes, it's good to cover it over, get some filler, make it look smooth, repaint it and it all looks good again. That can be really, right, rightfully done. But, sometimes, it's good to remind ourselves that actually, you know what, that scratch, that dent, that's good, that's a good thing.

Here's one for you! A friend of mine, from many years ago, he, he'd lost quite a few fingers, tragically, in an accident at work. And when he told me, I said 'I'm so sorry', when I first met him. This is quite a few years in his past. 'I'm so sorry you've lost your fingers', and I think it was one thumb.

He says 'I'm not sorry I lost them. Yes, it was a tragic accident, but my hands remind me that I found Jesus. Because, in my angry state at losing my fingers, Jesus showed me His love and I found peace. So, when I look at my hands, I'm reminded of finding Jesus'.

It isn't that Jesus caused him to be hurt. Absolutely not! Don't misunderstand that!! But it is that when he looks at his hands, that was a really dark period of his life. But, in that darkness, he found Jesus Christ. He found his salvation. So, every time he looks at his hands, he remembers the good that came from that, how God redeemed it.

God wants to redeem all of our lives, and our situations, whether good, bad. Maybe we're indifferent to certain things. But we've all got those scratches, and those dents. Don't be too quick to rip them out, to cover them over, to fill them in. Some of those can be really good reminders of God's goodness.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    29/06/2022 at 22:51

    I really like this angle on the T-Cut product completely different to my one, but just as pertinent Andy. I wonder how much we could do with T-Cut or even other products? I wonder if the company that owns T-Cut would pay us for this…haha?😁

  2. davidsdailydose

    30/06/2022 at 11:57

    Amen to both of you—Andy B and Alan teaming up on a topic. Tag, Alan, you’re it!

    Andy, your analogy is spot on, about the guy who lost his fingers. Sometimes our lowest moments drive us to God. Don’t be too quick to hide your scars, for they can point to a gracious God. Amen!

    🙏Heavenly Father, please help the Berry Bunch ministry grow for your glory!

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