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Avatar Andy B | 06/07/2022

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Today's topic idea was sponsored by Devotional Treasures: Alan suggested I use a tin opener as a hook for an Andy B 2 Minute Video, so here it is.

There is a particular tinned meal which can be rather popular in the BerryBunch household. We eat it seldom, but MAN IS IT GOOD! It’s simply a pie you bake in an oven, in the tin it comes in. In very clear instructions, on the back, is the need to use a good quality tin opener, because this tin uses much heavier steel: flimsy, or cheaper, tin openers simply won’t cut it (pun warning): to access the goodness within, you need something built for the job!

When it comes to understanding the Bible we can easily take what we read literally, or legalistically (or liberallistically – this should be a word…even if it isn’t, yet…). The problem with either approach is that they don’t help us grasp what God is actually seeking to speak into our hearts. And, the Pharisees were legalists…just sayin…

For example, we should take literally God’s own account of how He states He made the heavens, earth and everything in it in just 6 actual days. You can argue against it and you can wrestle with it. But, that is what God said He did Himself, so to deny that, is to deny God. Simples!

For example, we should not be liberal in our reading, and change God’s nature as Male, as Father, as Him, just because we don’t like it. I once, sadly, heard a minister state that you could call God either He or She. That sort of warped thinking helps no one and is, in no uncertain terms, blasphemy – not good! That minister said that God wasn’t really a man, so it didn’t matter what we called Him. We didn’t stay long in that church – run away from such teaching as it will never help you become more like Jesus one bit!

When we struggle with a passage of scripture it is almost always, I believe, because we don’t like what it means to our own life.

I had a friend who only ever read the Gospels and, perhaps, the odd Psalm or two. He didn’t enjoy what was said elsewhere. But, that sort of approach just ends up with the tinned goodness in a mess on the floor being eaten by the dog, and we go [spiritually] hungry.

The bible is beyond just an over rich supply of all we need.

The Holy Spirit is waiting with the heaviest duty tin opener you can imagine, with the lightest touch – ready to help each one of us gain access to the eternally liberating, life sustaining goodness within it.

Just a thought...

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minutes Video and this one comes courtesy of a little sponsorship from Devotional Treasures, and Alan, who supplies an idea, for this particular one.

So, in my hand I have a tin opener. It's quite a good tin opener actually. It's not a cheap a cheap one.

Now, tin openers. What's that got to do with life, and the Bible? Actually loads and loads! So, here's the thing.

There is a particular food product in the UK, and it's a particular pie, that you cook in an oven. And, when you read the instructions, on the back of this pie it says, really clearly, you need to use a tin opener. But, it also says, please don't use a cheap tin opener, you need a good, proper, sturdy, branded tin opener. Like this one. I'm not gonna tell you the brand. However, the reason is because it's too weak and feeble. And when you try and cut into this tin, the tin opener can't survive.

Let's go back in time a bit. Tins have been around for quite a long time. Perhaps you carry around with you a tin open it in your pocket. You may not even realise it. But in my hand, I have a pen knife, which is an old fashioned tin opener. That will open the can of food as well. But tin openers are much easier. You can get electric tin openers. You can get cheap little tin openers. Some people remember tin openers from their time in the British Armed Forces, which was apparently an amazing one. However, Tin Openers, Struggles add the Bible, what's that all got to do with it?

When we're trying to understand the Bible, it can be really easy to read Scripture and think 'I just don't understand this'. And we read it. We maybe get a little bit legalistic. So it's like, 'Well, God says this, therefore we must do that' and we don't take it in a bit more context.

Perhaps we're a bit too literalist. 'Well, it says this, Therefore we must' and we missed the whole point of context, and what's coming before it, and what's coming after it. And when we're taking it in the righteous context, we get a really clear idea of what we're supposed to do.

One of the ones that comes straight to mind is 'You mustn't judge', say lots and lots of people. 'You mustn't judge anybody' when the Bible says he doesn't say don't judge people quite like that. When you put it in context, and we use a decent tin opener, and we actually open it fully, what we realise is we're supposed to make judgments of people but not be judging. We shouldn't be judgmental. But we need to make judgments, which is an entirely different thing.

If you don't have the power of the Holy Spirit in you, the Bible will just be another book. I'm not being too blasphemous there. It's okay! You need a decent tin opener. For example, a decent commentary, you can get them free online. So, get yourself a decent can opener, a good Bible Commentary, or something, to open up the Bible properly for you. Otherwise, it's just a good book. It's a very, very, very good book! However, there's so much more when you get a decent tin opener, in this situation, a good commentary.

Just a thought.

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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    06/07/2022 at 18:34

    I am very impressed! We got two for the price of one with you referring to a certain branded savoury pie in a tin, which we used a lot in the past. The analogy you created was good with reference to the Bible; I use a two or three well known commentaries and a concordance my self. But all these depend as you correctly point out on a close relationship with God and the Holy Spirit. Thank you brother 😉

  2. davidsdailydose

    07/07/2022 at 12:31

    In the US, we call them can openers.
    As you mentioned, there are many different types. Likewise, there is only one way to be reconciled to God—Jesus Christ—but there are many ways to live in that relationship.
    My favorite tin opener doesn’t puncture the tin at all, instead it (somewhat miraculously) separates the lid of the tin from the bottom—by taking it apart at the seam. This leaves no sharp edges.

    • The BerryBunch

      07/07/2022 at 12:40

      Yes, there are many ways of living, but only one way that leads to heaven – Jesus Christ!

      Thanks David: we use the term tin opener/can opener pretty interchangeably I think. Either would work over here if you asked for one.

      I’m fascinated by your favourite one though……….sounds awesome!

      Andy B

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