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On the floor of our studio, for about 2 weeks, has been a tiny piece of black foam.

I knew what it is – the foam cover from a pair of small headphones. But the studio floor is also a fairly busy place, so I left it, and then forgot about it and, then, well, rinse and repeat until I make an Andy B 2 Minute Video out of it!

Eventually I worked out who it belonged to when I spotted Jo’s earphones, missing one circle of black foam from one side - and I finally went to pick it up: I’ll replace the missing one from Jo’s earphones later today from the small bag of spare foam covers that we have, just in case someone loses it on the studio floor, just for example!

But this got me thinking about how often in life we leave things ‘cluttering up the place’. We tread on them. We kick then. They annoy us. We stumble around them. They irritate us. Or perhaps they just makes things look untidy and messy. But we don’t actually bother to do anything about it, even when we know it makes sense to do so. Even thought it would only take us, sometimes, just 10 seconds of our time.

I wonder where God is asking you to bend down, and pick up that small thing you can see in front of you so you can either throw it away, or give it to Jesus - so He can, perhaps, redeem it?

It’s too easy to just ignore things, and then move on. But, it can often be much quicker to just go pick up and either put it back where it came from, or throw it away – and then move on with one less irritation or distraction in the way.

It’s the same when I edit our videos for the BerryBunch. Sometimes there are left over guides from the last video I edited. I’ll get annoyed as they keep sticking what I’m trying to move to themselves (as they do what they are supposed to be doing, and what I wanted them to do with the very last video….but, just, not right now!!!). There is a simple solution – I can delete them all in one go, and start again. It takes a couple of seconds. But, as sure as eggs is eggs, I’ll get frustrated with these inanimate objects until I finally reach the end of my patience (or finally see sense and wise up!) and delete them all and start again - saving, well, loads of time and frustration!

If we don’t act on these tiny little things, they soon build up and we run the risk of our minds being overrun with the petty, and the inconsequential, and can all too easily miss out on something far more important that God id desiring us to hear or see (or do).

All for the sake of a minute, bending down and picking that little thing up and tidying the floor space. Or hitting that delete button.

Just a thought...

Andy B

So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And I have, in my hand, a tiny little black thing, which you probably can't actually see or work out. It is that small. However, this little black thing, it goes on a small pair of headphones.

We have, we've bought a little bag of them. And when little in in ear headphones die, we replace the little foam outer. Everybody's happy!

Now in our studio, there's quite a lot of kit. We've got lights. We've got a camera. We've got cables, a mixing desk, computers. There's all sorts of things! So, where I'm sitting is quite busy.

On the floor for the last two weeks, maybe, has been one of these little black things sitting on the floor. And, to be honest, I kind of kept on ignoring it, thinking nothing much of it, until I saw my wife one night, and she was sat there with her headphones, and one of the headphones was missing a little black thing. And then I remembered we'd been doing some filming, she'd been wearing some headphones, about two weeks ago. So now we've got the timeline, we know what's gone on, we know what it is. But this little thing's been kicked about on the floor. It's been ignored, it's been trod on. It has a purpose, but it's been devalued, really, now it's gone in the bin, because you don't want that in your ear. And I'll get another one of these. Now I know where it should be, I'll fit it on Jo's headphones tonight.

How often in our lives, are we struggling with these things and we're kind of kicking about them and, and they're on the floor. And they're kind of in the way, but we can't really be bothered to pick em up. And we've got these things. And, actually, sometimes it's good just to bend down and pick it up, put it in the bin,. Or perhaps put it where it's supposed to be in the first place.

In our spiritual lives, it's exactly the same. There are things that we, we kind of kick em about on the floor, and we never really, fully, deal with them. But what we need to do is pick em up because they belongs somewhere. And, sometimes, we don't notice what's missing until we actually reach down and pick it up.

So, where is God, perhaps in your life, asking you to bend dow,n pick something up and give it to Him so it can be used properly in your life. Or perhaps just to be completely discarded, 'cos it's no longer worthwhile having. It might clutter up the floor. But let's have clear floors, it's a lot easier. It's a lot tidier, a lot easier to get through life.

Where's God asking you to pick up something and to throw away, or make proper use of it?

Just a thought.

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