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I’m back! I hope you’ve missed these short daily reflections on life. I’ve certainly missed making them!

I took a pause because I’d been doing them, without any proper break, for nearly two years and I wanted to pause long enough to have a rest so I could come back refreshed. But, only to do so if I felt God was wanting me to continue with them, which I believe He does.

So here we are! And, while my short videos may have taken a pause, the rest of the BerryBunch Ministry carried on and we have some AMAZING things happening. Some of which I still can’t yet talk about publicly. They’re super exciting and I can wait to share what is coming up with you in the fullness of time.

Anyway, let’s get Back to Business! (did you see what I did there?!?)

In life it’s super easy to see our failures and successes and directly apply them to our ability to obey God successfully, or not.

We think, logically, that if things are going well then we must be getting things right. And, conversely, that if things are going ill, we must be getting things wrong.

But I can positively affirm that the two do not need to tie in with each other when it comes to matters of faith.

We recently purchased a replacement computer for the old one we’ve been battling with for two years – ever since we started editing videos. Video editing – the very heart of all we do – is incredibly computer intensive, so an old computer simply becomes an increasing liability. Our computer isn’t what I’d call old. More like a relic from the dark ages- you know, before we discovered coal power!

Anyway, the one we bought was a refurbished model, and the very best we could afford. Which was really not much! But we had peace, so went ahead. When it arrived, it was faulty and, sadly, the company we bought it from were beyond rubbish at accepting it back and giving us our money back. [In the UK you had 14 days to return anything, for any reason, if you’ve bought it remotely. In the end I had to force a refund through the company who we used to help us buy the computer.]

That refurbished computer was the very best we could do. But, it was not the very best that God could do. Because, and I do wonder whether this is tied into the issues we had with the faulty computer we first bought, somebody bought us a brand new computer. And a highly specced. one at that – one designed, specifically, to edit videos.

It’s beyond amazing and is saving us loads of stress and time.

So, if you’re doing something you had peace about doing, and it goes catastrophically wrong, be slow to start blaming yourself for having made a mess of the whole thing. It may well be that God allowed that to happen to help remind you how much you need to rely upon Him, and not your own understanding. It may well be that that mistake you now see before you, is really just part of God’s plan to help you become more like Jesus – FOR HIS KINGDOM.

Just a thought...

Andy B



Andy 0:06
Well, hello there welcome to, this is actually the very first episode of Andy B, 2 Minute Video, Season 5.

Andy 0:13
I hope you've, you've missed these. I've missed doing these, writing them, coming up with the ideas, filming them and editing them. I've missed all of that. And a lot has happened in the last, ooh, nearly a month I think it is, must be around there. And lots has gone on! And I've titled this one Back to Business because it's back to business. It's back to these little 2 Minute something videos that I put out on weekdays, from six o'clock in the evening, UK time. So I hope this finds you well.

Andy 0:42
So, what am I talking about today? Well, in the last month, we have seen so much in the BerryBunch household, in the BerryBunch ministry, that's gone on. And it reminded me that God is in charge!

Andy 0:52
So our computer, we've had for two years. It's, it was old, two years ago. At this stage, it was just ancient. And we've been praying for two years for a new computer to do all the video editing that we do. Now, depending on what you know about computers, editing is probably one of the most difficult things for a computer to do. It uses lots and lots of resources. And ours was really straining. And it was wasting my time. I was just spending hours doing simple little jobs that should be really quick. And they just weren't.

Andy 1:21
And we prayed and we had peace and we bought a second hand computer, that we thought would do the job and it didn't. And it broke. Now at this stage I'm thinking, and you're thinking, are you sure you had peace about this? And I think the answer is actually yes, we did! Because, as Christians, doing the right thing that God's calling us to do, doesn't necessarily mean we're going to be successful physically. Buying a computer that happened to be faulty, it happens, is one of those things. But off the back of that we had to get that all sorted. But, then, we had a gift. Someone's actually given us a brand new computer to do all that video editing.

Andy 1:55
On Tuesday, this last week, Jo was, I had to take Jo to hospital. She had really extreme stomach pains. Whene the nurse said "How bad is it?", "Oh, it's about nine or 10 out of 10." That's fairly extreme pain! And yet I was able to go on to Facebook, on to Signal, on to Telegram, various social media apps, and say please pray. And people started praying and we saw some amazing miracles.

Andy 2:18
Jo's sitting there and she's feeling being prayed for. Now, you can argue what you like about that, whether you think that's true or not. It was true for Jo and that's enough.

Andy 2:28
Back to Business!

Andy 2:29
God is in the business of enabling us to do whatever He is asking us, and desiring us to do. So, when obstacles come, don't assume it's wrong. Go back to God! And, if you've got peace, go for it. Trust and wait on Him and He will come through


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  1. Alan Kearns

    22/08/2022 at 19:23

    When we know God is leading us it is always on His terms, and they are always the best terms! Great message Andy, thank you brother.

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