S05E004, Rhythm of the Righteous, Endurance

Avatar Steven The Dude | 07/08/2022


On this episode, we expound the topic of spiritual rhythm.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Go Deeper

This week Steven begins GoDeeper by relating our need for rhythm when running to the rhythm we need in our everyday life.

He goes on to draw out some of the things that Romans 12:8-9 commands us to do in order to live at peace with everyone. They include prayer, generosity, rejoicing, service to God and more. Our daily routine or rhythm should include these things listed in Romans 12:8-9.

To conclude this week’s GoDeeper, Steven challenges us to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading to change what we need to in order for us to have rhythm in our lives.

Go Do

For the final segment, Nathan asks Steven some difficult questions about his GoDeeper:

  1. I gathered from your talk that we need to adjust our rhythm in life to different seasons. Is that right?
  2. How do you find the correct rhythm?
  3. I suppose rhythm gives us consistency and therefore helps us to be more efficient. Would you agree?
  4. What is your favourite car?

To discover Steven’s answers to these tough questions, watch this week’s episode of Endurance: Rhythm of the Righteous.

Steven and Nathan



Nathan 0:23
Welcome to Endurance, your weekly spiritual workout with Steven and me, Nathan.

Nathan 0:29
So, this week, we are looking at the idea of rhythm, and how we need to have rhythm in our lives just as in physical exercise, we need to make sure we have a rhythm in our breathing, we need to make sure we have a constant steady stride and pace, in any any form of exercise really. And, in the same way, we need to make sure we have rhythm in our spiritual exercise. We need to make sure that we have a certain consistency. And, yeah, we're in step with the Holy Spirit, which is in a particular scripture verse. So enjoy as Steven unravels this topic for us, and explains how we can have rhythm in our spiritual lives.

Nathan 1:22
We can't convert people over to Christ. All we can do is scatter those seeds. The rest is between them and God. So we can't take credit or boast. #SpeakTruth.

Steven 1:39
So this is GoDeeper with me, Steven, let's roll. We're looking at rhythm of the righteous.

Steven 1:49
We need a rhythm in life, we need a pace, an order a routine. We need that in our life. And we need it in our Christian life just as much as we need it in exercise as well. In running, right, you need to have a constant rhythm, a constant pace. Each stroke needs to be the same length. If each stroke was a different length, it would look pretty stupid. I thing it's called cadence, it's the number of steps you run a minute. For years it's been recommended 180 steps per minute. But, in actual fact, I think it's different per person. So, each person is going to have a different rhythm, as much as they're going to have a different number of steps per minute. Which brings me to the Scripture.

Steven 2:31
We've got two passages that are very similar, talking about rhythm amongst other people, amongst friends, amongst family, amongst other Christians. First one is Romans 12, 9 to 18. It kind of lists several things that we need up to live in harmony with one another, to be live at peace with everyone. So, I think I will read it.

Steven 2:53
"Let love be without hypocrisy. Test evil, cling to what is good. Love one another deeply, as brothers and sisters. Take the lead in honouring one another. Do not lack diligence and zeal. Be fervent in the spirit. Serve the Lord. Rejoice and hope and be patient in affliction. And be persistent in prayer. Share with the saints in their needs. Pursue hospitality. Bless those who persecute you. Bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice. Weep with those who weep. Live in harmony with one another. Do not be proud. Instead associate with the humble. Do not be wise in your own estimation. Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Give careful thought to wise honourable everyone nouns, everyone's eyes. If possible, as far as it depends on you live at peace with everyone."

Steven 3:43
And 1 Timothy 2, 1 to 4 gives a very similar thing.

Steven 3:48
"Lead a tranquil and quiet life in all godliness and dignity."

Steven 3:52
Both very similar passages, saying that we need to live in harmony with other believers, with everyone around us. It's interesting what 1 Corinthians passage lists. Sorry, no, Romans lists hvae got love, honour, diligence, service to God, rejoice in prayer, all these things that we need to have as a rhythm as Christians. And when I say it's a lifelong journey, finding that rhythm finding that pace, because life's always changing. We have seasons of one job, and then the seasons at a different job. Life's always changing. So it's always a lifelong journey finding that rhythm that we have in life. But, our daily routine should include these things. It should include love, honour, diligence, generosity, hospitality, etc.

Steven 4:40
So I'm fairly good at reading scripture, to top and tail the day, but that's something of a rhythm that I have that's pretty good. There might be certain areas where I fail though in getting the right rhythm in terms of education, in terms of jobs that need to be done around the house. It's all, this is all part of what we're talking about. It's finding that rhythm in life.

Steven 5:02
Ultimately, we need to follow the Holy Spirit's guidance in, and listen to, the Holy Spirit in terms of what He wants us to do each day. What our weeks should look like. What our routine should look like.

Steven 5:16
There's always something we can do to improve that rhythm. There's always improvements that can be made to just improve our rhythm, improve our routine, our pace in life.

Steven 5:28
When we're running, there's always improvements can be made. It's the same with life. We can improve, make better our rhythm. So that is what we need to.

Steven 5:37
Make those changes!

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Nathan 7:07
So this is the part of Endurance where I interview Steven. thank you very much, Steven, for joining us

Steven 7:12
It's all right.

Nathan 7:12
here in the studio.

Steven 7:15
I was passing?

Nathan 7:16
Oh, jolly good. So, my first question for you is, so I gather from your talk that we need to adjust our rhythm in life to different seasons. Is that, is that right?

Steven 7:28
Yeah, yeah, we do. We need to change our rhythm depending on where we're at in life. So, if you've got a job that requires you to work 9 til 5, then you need to be there 9 to 5, right?

Nathan 7:40

Steven 7:40
But, if you've got a job that has shifts, night shifts and whatnot, then obviously that's a different routine. And, therefore, when you pray, when you read your Word, God's word, sorry, it's gonna be different.

Nathan 7:50
Yeah. Okay. So how do you find the correct rhythm?

Steven 8:00
Well, you listen to the Holy Spirit, you look to God, ask for advice from other people and a bit of trial and error, I guess.

Nathan 8:12
Yeah, we're not gonna get it perfect first time.

Steven 8:18
No, no.

Nathan 8:18
I suppose, from what you were saying, I gathered that rhythm, it gives us a certain consistency, which is really important. And, obviously, consistency in any workflow, in any situation. It helps you to be more efficient, doesn't it? Is that right?

Steven 8:35

Nathan 8:37
In the same way, like, just as in watches, the only way a watch can be, can tell the right time is by the consistent rhythm either of the pendulum swing, swinging, or the quartz crystal vibrating.

Steven 8:52
Blimey! You knew all that?

Nathan 8:54
I have so much knowledge, you know.

Steven 8:57
Do you look it up?

Nathan 8:58
No. And it's the same with godly traits, isn't it?

Steven 9:01

Nathan 9:01
We need a constant, each, each part needs to work consistently. And that is how we, that's how we achieve the rhythm in our lives, isn't it?

Steven 9:12
Yep, definitely.

Nathan 9:13
Yeah. So, what's your favourite car?

Steven 9:21
That's got to be the trickiest question yet!

Nathan 9:23
I know. I know. I know. Deep. He's having to think about this one.

Steven 9:28
I do like the new Ford Mustang they brought to the UK. You know, with the steering wheel on the correct side.

Nathan 9:33
Mustang. Yeah, very, that was a very nice one.

Steven 9:37
Other than that, oh, yeah, Ford Fiesta ST. I like that.

Nathan 9:40
That would be your dream car isn't it.

Steven 9:41
Yeah, yeah.

Nathan 9:43
Okay, good. So, to conclude this. I suppose, really, we need to have rhythm. But rhythm isn't necessarily a very easy, or simple thing to do. As you say, it's something we achieve by trial and error. By studying God's Word. By asking advice from others. And, overtime, we establish that rhythm by keeping in step with God.

Steven 10:06
And then it changes all again.

Nathan 10:09
Yes, thank you. We were leaving, we were leaving them with a nice encouraging message, and you just, anyway. Thanks for joining me. I hope you have some idea of how you get rhythm in your life despite Steven's last comment.

Jo 10:39
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