S05E005, Endurance, Coming Up, 14.08.2022, Timing is Everything

Avatar Steven The Dude | 12/08/2022

What's coming up in our next Endurance Podcast?

On this episode, we talk about how to have timing in our spiritual walks.

Endurance is your weekly spiritual workout, whether you think of yourself as a beginner, an intermediate, or advanced!

Join us for Endurance: Sundays from 4pm!

Steven and Nathan




Nathan 0:08
Hello and welcome to Endurance, your weekly spiritual workout with Steven, and me, Nathan.

Nathan 0:15
This week we're looking at the idea of timing. In particular, the fact that God's timing is always better than our timing, and we've titled it Timing is everything.

Nathan 0:24
So, shortly, Steven is going to elaborate this topic. And he even has a testimony, which he's going to share with us. So that should be very interesting! And, as usual, after that, he and I will discuss the topic further. I'll ask him some questions and, hopefully, I'll make them as difficult as possible for him to answer.

Nathan 0:44
So this is Endurance. Enjoy!

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