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As we move through life, with jobs, cars, houses, rent, children, funerals and so much more, it can often appear rather shocking when things either go away when we weren’t expecting it, or perhaps more difficult to cope with, when things were going our away and then suddenly everything went south.

The Disciples of Jesus must have had some amazing times watching Jesus move about the countryside performing the miracles He did. Only to see Him dying on a cross.

The world they thought they knew changed, in an instant.

That one situation destroyed their hope, their faith, their belief – for a moment. And, as we know, that event changes history because none of us have to go to hell when we die – each of has a choice we are free to make to follow Jesus, and go to heaven instead.

There are plenty of situations that can throw us to the wall, so to speak – for good or for bad.

But, whatever happens, we can still Praise God, because He is still sovereign.

When Corrie Ten Boom, a Dutch woman who lived through World War II was taken to prison, her world was shattered in so many ways. And yet, as she went on to write and speak about, that was also an opportunity for God to prepare her for heaven.

So, whatever is going on in your life right now. However difficult to beat it may well be, do remember that you are not alone and that God is still there to guide and aid you through life.

Just a thought...

Andy B



So another Andy B 2 Minute Video. And, I'll be honest, in part, this little video is actually a bit of a plug for a new Radio Show that Jo and I have been asked to do, called Family Focus. And we're going to be doing that on Konnect Radio, starting Sunday, the 4th of September from 4 to 6.

But this isn't an advert for that! But, that got me thinking about life. It got me thinking about where did that come from? Because, have you've ever gone through life, and you've walked along, and you've got your job, and you're going there, and you're coming back again. You're having your dinner, you walk the dog, and you go to bed, and rinse and repeat. And then, all of a something, sudden, something changes, dramatically, drastically.

Maybe it's a really bad thing. Maybe you've lost your job, that certainty you've got, 'I've only got 17 years left, and I retire and I've got a good job'. Maybe you've just lost your job, and all of a sudden that certainty is gone. That's a dramatic, drastic, terrifying change for the future.

But, maybe it's something good. Maybe you're going along and you've been going to that job, and you're not sure because there's a bit of a, you know, sticky financial situation. You've been called to your manager's office and you're now starting to fret and panic. And I've read many accounts of things like this! And you're walking up to the door, and your heart's pounding, and you knock on the door, and you go in thinking, I'm going to be let go, I'm going to be sacked. Or, you know, redundancies are on the cards.

And you walk in and you're sitting down the sweat is coming and the beads there, and you sit down, and your manager says, 'Oh, hi, you are?'.

Here we go.

You notice there's no biscuits, there's no cup of tea. And he says I just wanted to say we're we're struggling at the moment.

'Yeah. See. I knew this was gonna get bad'.

And and then they say to you, 'But we know that you're really a valuable member of this company and we want to offer you a promotion.'

How daft do you look when all that fear has suddenly come to naught?!?

And maybe that redundancy happens that you weren't expecting, on a negative thing, but you get some money and you start a business that's really good.

I read of a business in the UK, during COVID. It was a cake business. And this woman's business was basically on its knees, she was facing bankruptcy and closure. So, she took some time, with her son. She modified the shop. Rather than making cakes she made sandwiches and went round. Now, her business has grown.

Out of something bad, something good has happened.

The Konnect Radio thing for Jo and I. Where did that come from? I'm not quite sure, really. I can kind of see what God might have been doing. But this coming weekend, we'll be On Air and we'll be doing a show for families, hoping to bring some joy, whether you've got older kids, or little kids, or maybe you're a bit older, it's for everybody.

But as I look ahead at the show, it's quite 'Where did that come from?' Because God's hand has been in it. It's not some't we asked about. We didn't go seeking after it. God's just opened a door that we didn't even know was a wall. It's that kind of a thing!

So, if you're facing life's uncertainties, don't see the bad as just bad, because who knows what can come after that. And it's something good then rejoice in God.

But, whatever happens, turn to Jesus and say thank you to him for what you do have.

Just a thought.



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Written by Andy B


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  1. davidsdailydose

    01/09/2022 at 12:51

    Thank you for an encouraging word, brother. Yesterday I had a rather tense exchange of words with a colleague. This is not my usual, or preferred behavior. Please pray with me that, going forward,that I will reflect Christ in the best light. I have asked God to forgive me and to help me do better. Blessings to the Berry Bunch.

    • The BerryBunch

      01/09/2022 at 13:40

      Oh David. Been there! It’s all too easy to find ourselves in this situation. You are certainly not struggling alone.

      I’m honoured to pray for you, and my prayer is simply that God will redeem this to His glory – for both you, and your colleague.

      Thanks for your honesty David. It is a rare gift, and it is that that makes you who you are for Jesus, ‘warts and all’ (not sure how well that little phrase translates but, basically ‘as the whole of who we are, including the good and the bad’).

      Andy B

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