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As the problems in the world seem to overwhelm our own ability sometimes even just to breathe, let alone think of meaningful solutions, we need to remember that, whatever we are facing, God is still very much in control!

When the world is shaking around us let us never forget that we truly have nothing to fear with Jesus by our side, not deflecting every issue we see, but enabling us to move through them, well.

I truly believe that the terrifying energy price rises, which affect us all, can be viewed as terrible, while we simply criticise the government for what they have done, or not done. Or, we can see it as another opportunity to show people the gospel of Jesus Christ.

People need heating, food, and help, but they need Jesus so much more - as the Bishop of Winchester (UK) so eloquently put it.

Here is a freebie idea for you to try out, and I urge you, as per my Andy B 2 Minute Video yesterday (Stuck In The Middle With You) to do something about it, more than you pray about it. And I say this as one who understands only too well the real challenges of church leadership.

So, why not open your doors to the local community. Invite them in for some warmth from your heating. Invite them for hot drinks and hot food, if you can.

We can either panic and fear what is coming. Or we can embrace Jesus, embrace people, embrace our communities and do something about it.

The government may, or may not, do something to arrest this situations and help the many thousands of homes facing a winter of no heating or hot food. Time will tell.

But the peace, hope and joy that comes from Jesus is still very much alive and active! People need more Jesus more than they need a solution from the government who, at best, are people just like you and me - in need of Jesus too.

So, keep it simple. Don’t panic, and sit down to work out what Jesus wants you to do through the challenges you’re facing in your situations – for His glory and His kingdom, remembering those precious words of Corrie Ten Boom, that God is also in the business of preparing us for heaven and frequently used the difficult situation we face: he doesn’t often take us around them, but shows us how to walk through them, with Him by our side, in front of us, behind us.

So, as the world continues to shake, stand. And then sit down with the people God puts in front of you.

Link to Beth’s blog - Lessons from a Lab

Ask for prayer via Konnect Radio - studio@konnectradio.com

Link to Agape https://www.agape.org.uk/

Just a thought...

Andy B



So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video. I'm going to squint over there to read some't off my screen.

"The world is shaking. The enemy is shouting. But God is still in control! God is still sovereign!"

This was a chat I was having a lady call Beth who writes a really, really good blog. She lives in the States. And her blog is Lessons From A Lab and it's a really, really good blog go and seek that out. I'll put a link to it at the bottom.

Now, we were talking about one of my posts I had written and it struck me that actually, around us, we see the world shaking, and it's some't I'd said in an Andy B video. And it just it struck me. I'm reminded of, I am reminded rather, of a sermon by Andy Hawthorne, who heads up the Message Trust, formerly a member of the World Wide Message Tri band, up in Manchester. And he was talking. And he was in this sermon saying, 'Tthe world is shaking and people are wondering what's going on? Why is it all going wrong? Why? Why is there fear? Why is there this? Why is there that? And the world is shaking?

And, his simple answer was because we need Jesus. And in his sermon he says 'We took our foot off the gas' and as churches we've kind of stepped back. And, actually. we need to step back in again.

As I look ahead to the energy crisis it is terrifyin. Most of my Andy B videos this week quick have touched on that in some extent. It's a really scary time!

Konnect Radio, yesterday, Lesley from Agape, which is a ministry, was on with Gareth, from the Breakfast Show. And they offered people to have prayer. Because, if they're worried about that here in the UK, then reach out to Konnect Radio, they'll put you in touch with Agape and, confidentially, they will pray for you. Really, really good. We'll link to that as well.

But, here's the thing. While the world is shaking, and we're thinking what what do we do? How do we cope? How do we get through this? We have access to a voice of peace because that peace has a name, and that name is Jesus Christ.

As things shake around us, as churches, I see the energy crisis as a really good opportunity for churches to get off their backsides, quite frankly, get out into the community, and do some good. Rather than sitting back, and waiting for people to come into church, which is never a great evangelistic tool! let's get out into the communities. Churches, church leaders, church members, encourage people in your churches to do some good!

Here's a freebie idea for you. I've been in Church Ministry. I know what the pressures are! Here's a simple one. Heat your church building, invite the local community in, put on food for them, say, tell them, switch off the heating at home, come and have a hot meal in your church. There's a simple thing you can do. Won't cost you a great deal en mass. You can do that. Let them bring their own sandwiches if you want to bypass all the kitchen cooking regulations!

There's so much we can do as Christians. Let's not see this and fear and panic!

As the world shakes, God is in control. So, reach out to the people around you.

Just a thought.


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