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Are you too busy? Are you overdoing it?

In a world of 24/7 emails, it’s almost possible to never leave work – especially when we forget to turn our phones off at night (or the phone always switches on when it is charging…just sayin!!).

We all, instinctively, know that being too busy for too long is a bad thing and medical science backs that up: during World War II soldiers in the British Army fighting in the jungles of [then] Burma were dropping dead, for no apparent reason. It turns out that we really can’t actually just keep going without significant rest, because our bodies ultimately just switch off.

Those soldiers were simply on the front line for too long, in the extremes of a jungle, and their bodies could only tolerate so much. Faced with constant ambush, and death, their bodies were subjected to intense stress and pressure that far exceeds anything the majority of us will ever even come near to.

But we still should take heed of that tragic lesson, as we still need times to rest; we still need to make a considered, regular, routine, ongoing effort to balance our work and our home life.

Right now I’d say I wasn’t overly busy, but I would say that my life is very full - and I’m loving it! However, I’m still wise enough to know that I need to check in with trusted friends to ensure that I’m not doing too much.

And, remember this next life lesson - if you’re too busy to stop and take 30 minutes a day to be with God, then you’re too busy.

That might take the form of 15 x 2 minute moments (or even 30 x 1 minute moments) around caring for a small child or your family (been there!!), or an elderly relative. And, while one day with no time to stop may be ok when emergencies strike, when it becomes a repeated occurrence we’ve got a bigger issue to resolve.

Just a thought...

Andy B



So, another Andy B 2 Minute Video, and change!

When we think about change, when we think about life, we think about all the stuff that goes on. You can be going along through life, and you can have little changes, and you can have big changes. Well, as a family, we've had quite a big change recently, which is very exciting! Because Jo, and I, have got a radio show. It goes out on some't called Konnect Radio, every Sunday, 4 til 6. A little plug for that.

But it's been a change for us as a family. Because, with all the ministry stuff that we do online, we had to think well, how do we do it. This is a two hour show. We've got to put in preparation time. We've got other things to do for it. There's chats with other presenters, and sorting out music, and jingles, and all these different things. So it's not just a two hour show. It's more than that. And we thought, well, how do we do that? Can we do that was our first question when they approached us and said, 'Would you consider doing this?'

So we looked at our own output, our own ministry, and thought, well, are there things that perhaps we can pause, or drop to do this. And, what we did in the end, we have something called Little Blessings Online, which we felt, well we're not going to bin it, but we're not going to do it, indefinitely, unless something changes. And, maybe in the new year, we'll think again.

And we've got something called Sunday PLUS, which is a children's discipleship group. We sort of just got going and we thought, well, it's a monthly thing. Do you know what, we're gonna put that, and park it for a little while. Again, it's not binned, but it's just, it's sort of an indefinite pause right now.

So we looked ahead, and we made room for what we need.

Now, Saturday, generally is a filming day for us. And we thought, well, we need to get all these things do, and then we have to also consider the radio show on a Sunday afternoon. How are we going to deal with this, get breaks in, rest, rest day, all that kind of stuff. And it got me thinking about how we can have busy lives and there's nothing wrong with being busy. Absolutely nothing. There is something wrong with being always so busy you don't have time for people, or for God. And there's a difference between being busy and being busy all the time.

We're not in a busy season. Perhaps that's not the right word. We're in a full season. I would now say I'm at capacity. I can't really take on any more projects. It's not that I've got no time for anything. I made sure we have! But I don't have time to take on anything more.

As you go through life it's always worth thinking can I do this? So, if someone asks you don't say yes to please them go to God, like we did. Go to God and say, 'Lord, is this what you're asking me to do?' And make allowances. Move things around. Drop things?

There's nothing wrong with letting stuff go to take on new things. But go to God and ask Him what's His design? What's Gis plan? Don't just be 'Yes, I'll do that' or 'No, I won't do that.' Ask God what His thoughts are/.

Just a thought.


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Written by Andy B


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  1. Alan Kearns

    07/09/2022 at 00:37

    Amazing timing Andy, even though I am watching this late in the day! After much thought and prayer I am giving up my annual reading plan in favour of an untimed slower plan. Thank you for your timely encouragement brother!

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