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Do you ever have feel that something has changed around you? But you can’t quite put your finger on what it is?

It’s a little like sitting in your car, when the car next to you starts pulling away – while you’re stationary. You suddenly feel as though you’re moving backwards…our perception can be so easily distorted!

I call this ‘creep’. It’s that movement, that is sufficiently slight or tiny, that confuses what we think is real. We accept things that aren’t, simply because we didn’t notice them changing -until we get a sudden jolt and realise everything is different.

In our relationships with God we have this same issue of ‘creep’.

We listen to some music we know wasn’t healthy or appropriate. We watch a film that had scenes we were uncomfortable with? But those things can also creep up on us so gradually we don’t realise how comfortable we have become with things that we are actually uncomfortable with!

How do we counter against this? Well, mercifully, that part is super simple.

We just need to spend some time in prayer. Or reading our bible. Or being with other Christians, worshipping God.

In a world that tells you to centre yourself by looking inwards to your own desires and needs, can I recommend some good introspection (the sort that involves somebody else looking at us across a table in a coffee shop) to check how we’re really doing.

Feelings lie. They are ever changing. What seemed bad, can slowly appear ok.

But truths don’t lie, or change. So get some truth in you to balance that slow creep of who we are and what we believe – and get some time with God.

Just a thought...

Andy B





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Written by Andy B


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