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Excitement is contagious isn’t it. Well, unless that excitement is at the cost of something you’re losing out on. Although, sometimes it can be super exciting to see someone get they something they really deserve – that excitement can even transcend our own disappointment.

Following a post by my good friend Andy Brown, and his blog, with a post he shared titled “Leading Home Bible Study for Children (RB)” it reminded me of the importance, for parents – and anyone else who has contact with children in the context of church – to be excited about Jesus.

Sure, when you first come to faith you can get very excited about what is a totally new life ahead of you. But while that can wain. It doesn’t need to. Actually, if we’re growing in our relationship with Jesus, then that passion for Christ should grow into a deeper and more mature version.

And excitement is Exciting!

Many parents, in particular, get upset when the grown up children appear to walk away from their faith, commonly around 14-16 years old in my own experience. However, having spoken with enough parents over the years, those young people almost certainly left church many years prior, and most probably because they had only ever been introduced to a relationship with church attendance, or with the faith their parents have. And, what they need more than anything else, is their own relationship with Jesus Christ.

Jesus is exciting. A life with Jesus is exciting. A life of faith, is VERY exciting.

So be excited, and point people to Jesus, not church or the bible. As good as the bible is. As good church can be, they can not save us – only an active relationship with Jesus Christ can do that.

So get excited, be excited and let that excitement infect the people in your life.

Just a thought...

Andy B



So another Andy B 2 Minute Video.

Now, I've titled this one, I like title sometimes, and sometimes I'm not bothered. Sometimes they fill a purpose. But I quite like this one!

Excitement is Exciting!!

Have you ever been around somebody who's just got a job? They've been unemployed for three years, and they finally got their dream job. That excitement is gonna rub off on you.

You have been with someone where they're, they're celebrating a milestone birthday, or a wedding anniversary, or their child's got into the University of their desires. There's excitement there!

You ever been in a football stadium? Not me. I don't do that kind of thing! But you ever been at a football stadium and a goal is scored and everyone erupts in this excitement. And it's quite contagious, because it's Excitement is Exciting.

One of my greatest passions in life is encouraging children and families to get to know Jesus. Why? Well, the answer's really obvious. Because Jesus is all we need and changes everything. But I get so excited about the Bible because it changes everything!

Now this is kind of partly thanks to Andy Brown, who gave me an idea for this. I don't know if he knew he did. But he did. He posted a really good article to think about how we do Bible studies with our children. I will link to that as well. But it got me thinking about the number of parents that I've met who, tearfully, sometimes, come up to me and say, 'I don't know what to do, my child is leaving the faith and they don't want to study the Bible. They don't want to read, they want to pray or anything'. And the problem is that most of these young people that they left, they left the church five years ago, but the clue is in the thing. They've left the church, they never actually had a relationship with Jesus.They may have encountered Him but, for the most part of all those people that I've met over the years, those children, those young people were never actually introduced to a relationship with Jesus. They were simply introduced to a relationship with a church, or a group.

And church cannot save you.

The Bible cannot save you.

The only thing that can save you as a person. That person is called Jesus Christ. And it's His sacrifice on the cross that saves us. And if you want your children to be excited about Bible studies, and prayer, about going to church and being with other believers, introduce them to a relationship with Jesus Christ, 'cos that is the most exciting thing you can have.

And if you've got a relationship with Jesus Christ, you're gonna want to pray. you're gonna want to read the Bible, you're gonna want to go meet with other believers in a church.

Excitement is exciting!!

Be excited about your relationship with Jesus Christ because it is exciting, and that excitement will spread to others.

Just a thought.


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